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The Periodic Table of Awsoments

table of awesoments

This is by far the most awesome scientific table of all time.  I just wounder, if it will predict how nearby awesoments react when near each other, how would Chuck react with a Bt?  How are Mullets awesome?  Although it looks like those are on the “man made” section of awesoments, which clearly they are.   I do like the table though, I shall consult it often. The only awesoment missing is LEDs, how could they forget LEDs?  They make anything they are attached to 1137x more awesome!

Also, I wonder what type of super awesome alloys we can make?

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You, sir, are most definitely right. Glaring omission of LEDs is inexcusable. I will correct it in the future revision. Hit up my email so I can credit you. (ed leo b at gm ail)

I can tell you are a fellow awesominist, where did you study?

Oh and thanks for the polite link back.

Edgar B, I only have a minor in Awesomology from a small local school, but I have all that is needed make this under looked area more mainstream.

And thanks for the proof, it will come in handy in the future.

H2O to be replaced with:
DiBacon Beeride

Good breakfast…lunch….dinner…snack.

NaCl to be replaced with:
Chuck Norris Zb
Chuck Norris Zombide…

Beats table salt, just a little…Chuck Norris Zombie salt to brighten up any meal.

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