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Stop Talking

I would tip these performers soooooo much if I were there. Sooooooooo much.

glumbert – Why you shouldn’t use your phone at a concert
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Homemade ~40U rack

Well, remember the ~20U server rack we made 2 years ago?  It’s still one of our most popular stories, and one of the most searched for terms that lands people here.  Well, Jeremy decided to take our plans to heart and build his own 40U version of it.  He painted in black, and made it nicer then ours.  (In our defense, we’ve improved it a bit since 2 years ago).

Jeremy has many photos of the build at his Picasa Web Albums space.  And a walk through of how he did it, the cost, and all that sort of stuff over here at dual boxing.

As you can see, his server rack is much taller then ours, but, he used that same methods to build it as we did:

He also had some help from his pets, and, it looks like he did not follow our instructions to the letter, because he forgot step 5c, play Geometry Wars, but that’s ok, we’ll forgive him for that. 

And here is the final rack, full of 6 nice computers.  He says that there is one good one in that rack that is his main computer, and the other 5 are support.  Support for what?  Well, playing multiple characters in online games.  That is intense. Testing code out is something he also does with those computers.

No matter what he uses them for, they are much nicer now then they probably were a few months ago, and that’s all that matters in the end.  Good job Jeremy, good job.

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The End of The World!!1!

Will happen on December 21, 2012 according to they Mayans.  And according to this blah article in The Telegraph, people in The Netherlands are already preparing for it.  And by preparing, they say that a family bought a life raft.  HOLY CRAP! They bought a life raft!  I’m pretty sure they were thinking along the lines of “Global warming our home will get flooded we’ll have to row ourselves to England cause we live in a country that’s below the sea level!”

Well i have news for you, that ain’t happening.  Not now, not soon, not ever.  Firstly, if you believe in global warming (I think we know by now that I do not), Europe will be a frozen wasteland, and not underwater.  Secondly, if you believe in global warming, it’s gonna take way, way longer then 4.5 years for this stuff to happen.  Unless of course a portal to another dimension gets opened, and in that one it’s the Hollywood dimension, and it’s the past, and they’re shooting The Day After Tomorrow, and whatever you shoot on film actually happens.

Anyway, back to the end of the world stuff.  The LHC, that’s gonna be switched on (eventually), and come on, I believe alot of crazy shit, but there’s no way that that thing is gonna be the end of us.  Hell, my prediction, it’s gonna suck up a crazy amount of power for a few days, and then it’s going to be declared a failure.  Sad, but that’s what’s gonna happen.  If it does manage to open a Black Hole, maybe that black hole will be a portal to another dimension, maybe the one i said above, but since that dimension is 300million miles away on the other side of the r-q axis, and we don’t have enough power to get even 3/17s of a marque into there, i doubt that will happen.  Most likely we’ll just open up a black hole onto itself, which is a paradox, but only in your mind.

Moving on…

If you really do think that the end of the world is gonna happen in the year 2012, then i suggest you start preparing.  First, you want to build a bunker. (too bad that one isn’t listed on eBay anymore).  I suggest you build a very good one, like at least 30 feet below ground, and with air filtration systems in place.  Stock up on food and water, you’ll need at least 2 years worth per person.  Then choose some people you’re comfortable with and just wait it out.  Before you know it you’ll have an entire planet to yourselves, probably.  Be sure to have some CB radios and batteries to contact the remaining humans and start a resistance against the robots, because in this dimension, that’s how the world is gonna end, in fire, from robotic hands.

More new things…

bruce willis motivational poster

When an asteroid is gonna hit the earth, there’s really nothing we can do about it. Unless we send all our power to the LHC, and use that to open a portal to the Hollywood Dimension, in the year 1998, when Armageddon came out.  Then we steal Bruce Willis, and make him will the asteroid out of Earth’s way, because he has the power to do that.  Note, we can also use this technology to prevent terrorist attacks, supreme evil, plague (not confirmed), ghosts takeover, hostage situations, and heists.*

Unfortunately, we only have enough power to go to one of those time frames, if we even tried to get to a second one, we would blow up the you can’t do that dimension, and when that happens, all the light bulbs in a 10000 mile radius break, plunging the world into total darkness, preventing us from seeing who really is saving us, and, probably increasing the population too much, causing global hunger problems.  Trust me, we don’t want that.

Now, we may accidentally open a portal to a dimension where *gasp* Bruce Willis doesn’t exist, in that case, we are thoroughly fucked.  The only thing we could try to do, is move the important people on this side over to the other side.  But, between me and you, I don’t want to live in a universe where Bruce Willis doesn’t exist, it’s too sad, I’m sorry.

Now, suppose that we get some crazy alien invasion, something that Bruce Willis cannot stop, then my friend, we use the LHC to open a portal to the dimension where Ender’s Game, and Halo are combined to form probably the coolest crossover idea I can think of right now, we steal Master Chief, and Ender, and go attack those alien bastards.  Then we declare humanity the rulers of the universe, and use our near faster then light ships to colonize every planet, to make sure we can never be destroyed ever.  And all was good.

I’m sure some of you are concerned about these alternate realities we are messing with, let me assure you, stop worrying.  There’s nothing to worry about, because in the universes we are stealing them from, there are really 2 of the people, and therefore we are making the universe balanced out.  Trust me, it works out, I wouldn’t fuck with something if I knew it could break things.

*ten points to who can guess all those movies.

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Home Alone Legend

This movie seems eh.  Kinda like I Am Legend, just eh.  Home Alone on the other hand, that was a good movie.

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New theme yay!

In case you haven’t noticed, or you only read this blog via RSS, we got a new theme today!

I was getting kinda tired of the old one, and pissed off at the way it formatted large blocks of text, so i got a new one in order to prepare you for a few long text posts coming up.  yay!

Also, sorry for the no new post at all today, i spent most of the day trying to get the new theme working to my liking, which, really only took 15 mins once i figured out why nothing was working right.

Oh well.

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Some Downtime

There will be some downtime this evening as I do some work on the server.  It could be 5 mins, it could be 5 hours, hopefully it wont need any time off, but im pretty sure I’ll have to reboot once or twice.  Sorry.

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Awesome License plates

Custom license plates are pretty awesome, when I got my car I thought about spending the extra $50~ on a custom plate, just because I wanted to, I ended up not though cause all the good ones I could think of in the 30 mins i was waiting in line at the DMV were taken, oh well.

Most of these custom plates the average person would not get, well, except for the first one.

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Future Email Battle

There are lots of sites that will send emails for you at a future date, from those that send an email in case you die, to those that just send an email whenever you say.

I’m comparing and

Right off the bad, EmailFuture has way more options of when to send an email, down to the quarter hour of a day, which is pretty damn accurate, and usefull to some degree, like if you plan on being sick 3 weeks in advance.

HitMeLater on the other hand has a simpler interface, just foward an email to and it will get sent back to you, 24 hours later.  They say you can change the numbers to anything you want, it represents hours, you can even do Tomorrow, or Tuesday.  I assume months work as well, but i have to wait to try it.  I will get back to you in september with results.  Also interesting to try,, that should be self explanatory i guess.

I like HitMeLater because all i have to do is send an email to them, and they will foward it back to me, I don’t have to register like EmailFuture makes you.  HitMeLater also makes it simple, i can shoose how many hours later I want the email sent just by saying “3 hours” I dont need to think.  EmailFuture though has more options, and that helps it get points.

The true winner is you, because both of these are free, and both of them allow you to be sick for work in advance, and that’s the moral of this story.

Also, don’t stare at the sun you could go blind.

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True Speed

I take this story as true, no reason for it not to be, except for it to just be funny, which it is.

Basically its the story of increasing speed between a Cessna, a Twin Beach, an F-18, and an SR-71.  Guess who wins?  I don’t want to spoil the fun for those who don’t know the answer, so you can read it here.


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Perfect for Lazys

Are you lazy?

Do you have a job?

Do you have internet access at said job?


Just punch in your estimated hourly rate, and the Slackometer will count off the ammount of money you’re getting paid to stare at it.  Brilliant!

(I hope you get paid more then $6.75 an hour, that goes so slow…)