Stop Talking


I would tip these performers soooooo much if I were there. Sooooooooo much. glumbert – Why you shouldn’t use your phone at a concert

Homemade ~40U rack


Well, remember the ~20U server rack we made 2 years ago?  It’s still one of our most popular stories, and one of the most searched for terms that lands people here.  Well, Jeremy decided to take our plans to heart and build his own 40U version of it.  He painted in black, and made it … Continued

The End of The World!!1!


Will happen on December 21, 2012 according to they Mayans.  And according to this blah article in The Telegraph, people in The Netherlands are already preparing for it.  And by preparing, they say that a family bought a life raft.  HOLY CRAP! They bought a life raft!  I’m pretty sure they were thinking along the … Continued

Home Alone Legend


This movie seems eh.  Kinda like I Am Legend, just eh.  Home Alone on the other hand, that was a good movie.

New theme yay!


In case you haven’t noticed, or you only read this blog via RSS, we got a new theme today! I was getting kinda tired of the old one, and pissed off at the way it formatted large blocks of text, so i got a new one in order to prepare you for a few long … Continued

Some Downtime


There will be some downtime this evening as I do some work on the server.  It could be 5 mins, it could be 5 hours, hopefully it wont need any time off, but im pretty sure I’ll have to reboot once or twice.  Sorry.

Awesome License plates


Custom license plates are pretty awesome, when I got my car I thought about spending the extra $50~ on a custom plate, just because I wanted to, I ended up not though cause all the good ones I could think of in the 30 mins i was waiting in line at the DMV were taken, … Continued

Future Email Battle


There are lots of sites that will send emails for you at a future date, from those that send an email in case you die, to those that just send an email whenever you say. I’m comparing and Right off the bad, EmailFuture has way more options of when to send an email, … Continued

True Speed


I take this story as true, no reason for it not to be, except for it to just be funny, which it is. Basically its the story of increasing speed between a Cessna, a Twin Beach, an F-18, and an SR-71.  Guess who wins?  I don’t want to spoil the fun for those who don’t … Continued

Perfect for Lazys


Are you lazy? Do you have a job? Do you have internet access at said job? Perfect! Just punch in your estimated hourly rate, and the Slackometer will count off the ammount of money you’re getting paid to stare at it.  Brilliant! (I hope you get paid more then $6.75 an hour, that goes so … Continued