Billy Joel’s Piano Man – Sung By a 7yr old


I remember talent shows at my grammar school, they weren’t really tallent, mostly just some kids “singing” and “dancing” to the latest pop craze, usually some horrible boy band or something to that effect.  That being said, at it’s core this is just some kid singing. However the song he choose is by far much … Continued

Terminator Salvation


Oh man, am I excited about this movie.  It could very well be the best movie to come out next year. {Filmonic}



So I saw WALL-E last night, and I must say, it really was a good movie.  I don’t know if it will be the best movie of the year.  But it’s deffinetly the best movie I’ve seen so far.  And with The Dark Knight, and The X-Files coming out next, it has some compition.  Dark … Continued

Did we land on the moon?


Being an avid conspiracy theorist, I will give the benefit of the doubt to almost any theory there is. Except the moon one. We landed there shut up already. That being said, here’s a nice parody showing how Google proves me wrong. Not the parody part Isaid before, because as i said before that, WE … Continued

Paintball Sentry


Some defense contractor should hire these people because they made a badass sentry, which is totally autonomous. However, with the advent of AI, this could become a problem, because it’s only a matter of time before this turns from a paintball gun into an M-16.  And then it’s only a matter of time before they … Continued

Bon Jovi Live at Central Park


You may or may not have heard that Bon Jovi did a free concert at Central Park yesterday.  Well, I was there, and it was pretty damn awesome!  Two of us from Deadly Computer were there, and one of my friends came too.  We got there at 1:30pm, and then waited till 8pm for the … Continued

Movie Fonts, lots of them


For font people, or movie people, this collection is for you.  There’s dozens of movies represented, and all of them .  I can’t tell you how awesome this is right now.

Bubblewrap Calendar


This is probably the coolest calendar ever created.  It’s bubblewrap!  It’s ingenious that’s what it is!  I would buy it in a heart beat.  The only issue is, I (and I imagine many others) would be tempted to just pop a whole month’s worth at once.  I will say this, long vacations that would be … Continued

Interesting homes


I actually saw a show about alternate houses, and this was one of them.  Apparently there are quite a few like this around the US.  Apparently it is also a bitch to furnish a curved room!  There are quite a few other interesting houses over here. I really like this bridge house, though, i’d probably … Continued