How to make the best movie ever


With the multitude of awesome movies out this summer, I figure might as well show you what works and what doesn’t work (from my point of view anyway).

Surely, there are more then a single post’s worth of things that contribute to a movie, but, I’m no expert at directing movies, (just check my YouTube channel), but I love watching movies, and to me that’s enough to give some tips to some Hollywood people that wont read this post anyway.

1. Get a good script

The most important part of a movie, the script.  Some movies had a good script, others had a horrible one.  Example of a good script: The Dark Knight, a bad script: Indiana Jones IV. (note, I liked both of these movies just so you know)  A good screenwriter can usually make or break a film.  My favorites are Steve Kloves (for all of his adaptions of Harry Potter (except III, that was horrible for many reasons)), and George Lucas.  Kloves (usually) does a good job adapting novels to the big screen, and George Lucas has written probably the greatest sci-fi saga of all time.  However, there are many, many other writers out there, and, usually more then one person works on a script for a movie.  So keep your options open.

When you have your script, you need to cast all the parts.  This can be tough, but leads to the next step:

2. Get a good cast

Having belivable actors play the parts in your new movie you have a script for is important.  There are good actors, there are great actors, and there are horrible actors.  There are also typcast actors, those are the worst, stay away from those, they usually come with typecast scripts, which usually suck.  Example of a typecast, Will Farrel, and EVERY MOVIE HE HAS EVER BEEN IN.

That being said, here are some good casting roles, and bad ones.

Bad: Shia LaBeouf in Indiana Jones.  I’m sorry, but he’s not the best of actors, and he was no where near believable in that movie, at all.  I laughed every time he was on screen.

Good:Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man.  Damn, he was good in that.

Now, don’t just cast the latest, most famous most popular actor/actress of the time for the leading role in your movie.  That will just add unnecessary hype to it, and usually end up making it suck.  Instead go with the person who can do the job and do it well.

But in order for him to do the job well, you need someone to direct him, which leads to…

3. Get a good director

Someone who know’s what they’re doing, someone who’s had some movies under  his belt.  They don’t necessarly need to be well reviewed movies, or, box office successes, just well made movies.  A well made movie is a matter of opinion, but use your best judgement.

Good directors include Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, and M. Night. Shyamalan.

Bad directors include George Lucas, and Alfonso Cuarón

I love Spielberg, and Nolan has proven himself with Batman, Shyamalan is an underrated genious at storytelling and directing.  I wish more people would show him respect.

As for Lucas, he can tell a story, he just can’t direct it.  There’s a reason why the original trilogy was the best of Star Wars, it was because V, and VI weren’t directed by him!  As for Cuaron, his movies are usually uncecessarily dark, and not just not good.  He butchered Harry Potter 3, and Children of Men had probably the worst plot I can imagine.

There are countless directors, but many seem to be overrated, and typecast.  Quentin Tarantino is an example of both.  With the exception of Reservoir Dogs, all of his films have been the same over the top unneeded violence, violence is good, but it’s not necessary.

4. Get it together well

Get it together, get some trailers out there, generate some hype, not too much, and you will get people to go see your movie.  Word of mouth works better then a good review in the newspaper.  Work on word of mouth.

With that being said, you should be on your way to creating one of the best movies around.  Just be sure to release it next year, because nothing will be able to beat The Dark Knight this year, not even Harry Potter IV

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  1. Indiana Jones IV is good, but Children of Men is bad? You really are dumb. I’m sorry if you can’t comprehend Cuaron’s use of imagery and non-blatant in-your-face plots.

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