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Best Stumbles 3

Hot off the heals of Best Stumbles 2‘s stumble from earlier this week comes another group of pictures I’ve collected over the course of the month.  This time there is remarkably less Nazi related humor, (but there’s some, don’t worry, I haven’t gone soft on you).  Still, to keep the home page from taking forever to load on slow connections, and from being super long what with the Bon Jovi post from this weekend, the full list is after the click:


On that note, 100 out of 100 people die each year, so why not just give in to that. {source}


Oh man, probably the best worst piece of money graffiti ever! {source}


That’s a pretty nifty way to make your own fisheye type image {source}

pedo bear alert

Oh no! {source(why is there a pedobearpics website? is the internet really that messed up?)}

Halo 3 fish

Then you could get some more, and hook the fish tanks up through your house, and have a LAN party like death match. {source}

dumb cops

Well, you’ll have to click that to enlarge it, but basically it’s about dumb cops who set up a speed trap, but left their cop car parked down the street, with the keys in it, but no cops.  {source}


Sad if it were true, in many ways. {source}

Haha, oh man, I wonder how many other jokes like that were played on us?! {Abstruse Goose}


Well, I did not see that coming! {source}


Haha, that’s awesome! {source}

hitler pikachu

What kind of best stumbles list would it be without some Hitler humor? {source}

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