Bubblewrap Calendar


This is probably the coolest calendar ever created.  It’s bubblewrap!  It’s ingenious that’s what it is!  I would buy it in a heart beat.  The only issue is, I (and I imagine many others) would be tempted to just pop a whole month’s worth at once.  I will say this, long vacations that would be the best part of coming home from one that’s for sure!

2009 calendar

clear calendar

Bubble Calender has two types one with a paper back, and one with a clear plastic back.  They also have it verticle or horizontal, and both measuer 48″ by 17″.  The only thing keeping me from getting it is the price.  So, anyone want to get it for a gift? {Gizmodo}

paper back

3 responses to “Bubblewrap Calendar

  1. What’s to prevent you from picking up some bubble wrap from Office Depot, measuring it, making a document to those measurements, and taking it to Kinkos on a thumb drive to print it out?

    This thing is just too simple to make to pay that much for it.

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