How to make the best movie ever

With the multitude of awesome movies out this summer, I figure might as well show you what works and what doesn’t work (from my point of view anyway).

Surely, there are more then a single post’s worth of things that contribute to a movie, but, I’m no expert at directing movies, (just check my YouTube channel), but I love watching movies, and to me that’s enough to give some tips to some Hollywood people that wont read this post anyway.

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Looping Waterslide

This waterslide is AWESOME!! American water parks must make this slide NOW! No waiting, now, summer’s nearly over, I expect this to be built by next summer, get to it American water parks!
{Maniac World}

The Manhattanhenge

The Manhattanhenge is when the setting sun allignes itself with the cross streets of New York City.  It happens twice a year spaced regurally around the Summer Solstice, on May 28, and either July 12, or 13.

Being the photogrophy person that I am, i think this is so cool!  I wish I knew about this last week, I would have planned a trip to NYC to watch it.  Oh well. there’s next year.

Moon and earth from far away

Ok, this is one of the freakiest things I have ever seen (probably up there with the creepy tree).  It’s a video of NASA’s EPOXI probe showing the Moon passing in front of the Earth from 31 million miles away.  Apparently nothing like this has ever been seen before, (I believe that).  It truly is breathtaking, and slightly freaky at the same time.  Does anyone else think the Moon looks artifical?

You know it is right?  Some aliens made it.  I swear.


Appartment Building Jungle Gym

Yanko Design has by far the coolest concept for buildings ever!  Having a huge jungle gym on the roofs of buildings on a city wide span would be awesome!  Things like this should be required for plans of all new buildings from now on, and, should be incorporated into all exsisting buildings.  Think of the fun you could have at 30 stories up.  Endless ammounts thats waht!  Just, make sure this stuff is made well, cause falling from 30 stories is pretty much guarenteed death.


Best Stumbles 3

Hot off the heals of Best Stumbles 2‘s stumble from earlier this week comes another group of pictures I’ve collected over the course of the month.  This time there is remarkably less Nazi related humor, (but there’s some, don’t worry, I haven’t gone soft on you).  Still, to keep the home page from taking forever to load on slow connections, and from being super long what with the Bon Jovi post from this weekend, the full list is after the click:

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