Crater Calculator


This is a very nice, fun, interesting, and overall destructive little interactive flash Meteor Impact Calculator.

I’ve spent the better part of an hour making various sizes, and speeds, and angles, and types of rock to see what happens, and, so far in all of them, I am dead.  Oh well, the world’s gonna end anyway, at least I’ll have a front row seat!

Here’s an example i went through:

size angle speed type

3300m wide, 27 degree angle, 30km/s, rock hitting rock.

carter size

That’s a decent sized crater, 770meters deep, and a 9 on the Richter scale, not bad i’d say.

crater with empire state building

Deeper then The Empire State Building though, that’s tough.

data sheet

I’d wager that I probably wouldn’t have survived, i mean, I’m mostly covered in 3rd degree burns and whatnot.  Oh well, at least it only happens ever 18 million years or so.

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