How To Stay Occupied on Jury Duty


Well, given my recent time on Jury Duty over the past week, I figured I would give you guys a few pointers as to how to stay occupied while you’re sitting, waiting for something to do.  Also, given that I was on Jury Duty, I didn’t deem it prudent to come up with a post on “How to kill everyone” so my current How to list is on the back burner for next month, where I will hopefully have some time to make it better.

Now, onto some ways to stay busy during Jury Duty

1. Bring a Book

A good book, a long book, multiple books, My suggestions include The Harry Potter books, The Ender’s Game books, or Stephen King’s The Stand.  I finished Peter F. Hamilton’s Pandora’s Star, while on Jury Duty, and I must say, it is an amazing book, I’m already 300 pages into the second one Judas Unchained, and I only started it Tuesday.

2. Bring your iPod

I brought mine, it helped me for when I wasn’t sure if we had a 5 minute break, or a 25 minute break, and I didn’t want to start a new chapted of my book.  Also, if you have an iPod Touch, or iPhone, then you can browse the interent.  My county court house has free public WiFi, so I took advantave of that to check my email and stocks.  Why not check Deadly Computer while your at it?

3. Bring your own lunch

We had an hour and a half for lunch, which is a long time, but it’s no fun going in the how sun outside to wait in line somewhere to get food, and then going through the metal dectors, and security again.  Going through once is good enough for me, plus, it will give you an hour and a half to read, or listen to music.

4. Talk to the other jurors

There’s up to 14 of you, make some new friends.  I’m sure you can find something to talk about for at least five minutes.  At the very least, tell them about this awesome website called, I hear they got amazing stories there!  Besides, you never know there may be someone cute on the jury, and one thing i’ve learned is that you should never give up one of those chances.

5. Nap on breaks

I’m not gonna lie, it gets boring while sitting on a pannel listening to two lawyers argue back and forth for 8 hours.  Especially since you can’t take notes, and, the chairs are pretty uncomfortable.  It’s basically, a version of school, except you get paid.  Many times you will be tempted to doze off while sitting on the jury, don’t the lawyers don’t like that too much.  Save it up for those 10 minute breaks that turn into 25 minute ones.  Paying attention to the trial is important, but, if counting the grains of wood on the molding on the seat in front of you will keep you awake, then do that.  Just try to pay attention in the background to what’s going on.  Look at the lawyers faces.

There, those are my words of advice for keeping yourself busy while on jury duty.  It’s a long, boring process, but it’s necessary, and I actually enjoyed it.  Next month I’ll have my regular scheduled messed up “how to” for all of you who miss it.

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  1. lol perrfeecctt! I have jury duty this week! i have to call back again tonight because i didnt have to report for duty today, its funny how i randomly found this tho

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