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Best Stumbles 2

A sequal to the original Best Stumble pictures, these are better, and wronger.  Again, most of these come from ImageChan, which I already knew was a wrong place, but now i know for sure just how messed up it is.  And also again, a disturbing amount involve Hitler humor…

The whole list is after the click this time, because there are just a few really, really wrong ones now…

achievement unocked

This could very well equal the Sense Motivational Poster for sheer humor.

holocauster tycoon

I love RollerCoaste Tycoon, love it, and just wow, that’s amazing.

your mom

Haha, not sure if that’s real or not, but still cool.

Trojan Horse
I laughed alot when i saw that just now…

laser cage

Like most things on the internet, it’s better to not think about why.

neighbors suck

Hopefully, you won’t be getting onto the internet through your neighbor’s unsecure wireless network either.

under a tack

Haha, priceless

That is a great advertisement for YKK zippers. Not that they need to be advertised, they are the zipper gods.


Truly a great 4chan /b/ post.  Thank you Imagechan for having it so I don’t have to brave the depths of /b/ looking for it myself!


Haha, that’s a good one.


I really wish I had some notes like that.  Then again, I have a whole 100+ page fictional battle between arrow aliens, and pod aliens.  I should finish that, and then scan them in one day…

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/b/ is the Random board on It’s random and it’s the “no rules” section, meaning you can post anything, about anyone, real or made up, with the exception of child porn, and invasions of other websites, and other universally illegal things like that.
wiki on /b/ /b/(usually not safe for work)

hope that answers your question

i wouldn’t really call these the ‘best’ stumbles. the first two are in exceptionally bad taste, i don’t really mind if its genuninly funny or thought provoking but holocaust jokes like that just disgust me.

the laser eyes are boring and old, been done too many times, although i have to admit, the myspace jesus/satan one did almost make me laugh.


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