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Will You Survive an Animal Attack?

Brought To You By Sex Stores

Ah, what silly wastes of time these things provide. This one was entertaining at the end, because notably missing from the chart above but not the final printout the give is “Human” I have a 15% chance of surviving an attack by a human.
Missing from both is “Robot” this is clearly a needed addition because it is only a matter of time before A.I. develop, and begin enslaving us all. We must know our survival chances if we are to guesstimate how much of a resistance we will be able to have to fight.

Granted, all this will become useless if time travel is invented in another dimension, because then we can open up a portal to the dimension of Nazi Dinosaurs, and they can battle the robots, and hopefully we humans will be able to sulk in the shadows while they kill each other.

However, because time travel will not be invented, we must defeat the robot uprising before it happens.

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