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The Nazis are Coming!

And this time it will be Chuck Norris walking down the street, as he shouts “The Nazis are Coming, The Nazis are coming!” and when we ask him how they are coming, he will stare at you, and say “By Space,” and them calmly keep on going, because he’s Chuck Norris, no one scares him, and you should be so lucky he didn’t kill you.

But in all seriousness though, this Independent internet film Iron Sky looks pretty interesting.  It’s based on the totally believable premise that the Nazis went to the moon in 1945 to prepare an invasion army to secure the 4th Reich.   That army is heading for earth in the year 2018.  This movie is so up my ally in so many ways it’s ridiculous.  I intend to follow it’s development, and then watch it when it comes out, cause it looks awesome.

So, the Nazis are coming, so let me ask you this, do you know where you’re children are?  Because if you don’t then the Nazis may already have them…

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