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Crater Calculator

This is a very nice, fun, interesting, and overall destructive little interactive flash Meteor Impact Calculator.

I’ve spent the better part of an hour making various sizes, and speeds, and angles, and types of rock to see what happens, and, so far in all of them, I am dead.  Oh well, the world’s gonna end anyway, at least I’ll have a front row seat!

Here’s an example i went through:

size angle speed type

3300m wide, 27 degree angle, 30km/s, rock hitting rock.

carter size

That’s a decent sized crater, 770meters deep, and a 9 on the Richter scale, not bad i’d say.

crater with empire state building

Deeper then The Empire State Building though, that’s tough.

data sheet

I’d wager that I probably wouldn’t have survived, i mean, I’m mostly covered in 3rd degree burns and whatnot.  Oh well, at least it only happens ever 18 million years or so.

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Craters, Lots of them


Ever wanted to see what the solar system does to earth?  Well, has a nice Google Maps set up with locations of many meteor impact craters on earth.  Most are not very vissable due to errosion and ovegrowth, but a few stand out.

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Movie Title Screens

Well, If you ever wanted to see the title screen any of over a thousand different movies, Steven Hill’s Movie Title Screen Page is for you.

There are literally over 1000 differnet movies, and more being added often.  Many have different forms, like Laserdisc, and DVD, and Blu-Ray.  I didn’t see and HD-DVD, but there were a few betas.

Here are a few screens I picked out from movies I like.

back to the future 3

bourne ultimatum

sky captain

Sky Captain is in 1080p

spiderman 2

terminator 2

There are many, many more over at his site, all organized by title.  There are quite a few classics, and ones from before the 1950s.  Also, if there’s one you love that’s not there, you can submit it yourself.

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How To Stay Occupied on Jury Duty

Well, given my recent time on Jury Duty over the past week, I figured I would give you guys a few pointers as to how to stay occupied while you’re sitting, waiting for something to do.  Also, given that I was on Jury Duty, I didn’t deem it prudent to come up with a post on “How to kill everyone” so my current How to list is on the back burner for next month, where I will hopefully have some time to make it better.

Now, onto some ways to stay busy during Jury Duty


This month’s how to downtime

So, with Jury Duty for the past week and a half, i fell behind in making this month’s How To list.  Fear not, I will get it up before the end of the month, but just not tomorrow.  Forgive me.

Also, I’m off jury duty, more on that tomorrow., enjoy the night

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Awesome Cakes

I don’t eat cake much, unless its plain white, with nothing in it, and little/no frosting, but, i do recognize the work that goes into these cakes made in Russia.  Look at the detail in the Map one.  That’s insane!

card game cake

roulette cake

space cake

map cake

computer cake

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Indiana Jones 4 script

indy 4 poster moasic

Well, I enjoyed Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull, some other people didn’t apparently.  Mostly the writer of this abridged script.  I’ll admit, its pretty funny, and this is my favorite part:


Cate wants to return the Crystal MacGuffin to the ancient City of Gold.


City of Gold? Isn’t that what Nicolas Cage was looking for in National Treasure 2? Are we seriously getting the plot for our shitty sequel to Indiana Jones by ripping off the plot of a shitty sequel to a shitty knock-off of Indiana Jones? I feel like that should unravel the space-time continuum or something.

National Treasure 2 doesn’t hold a candle to National Treasure, which in turn doesnt hold a candle to Indiana Jones (1, or 3(2 is worse then 4)).  But anyway, just thought you’d like that.

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The shield will be down in moments…

Echo Base wifi

…you may start your landing.

Whoever this is officially has the greatest wireless network name ever.  The only thing I ask of you is if you are out there, send us an email.  Because we want a picture of it with no encryption for just a second so we can say “The shield is down!”

Oh, and this was also while waiting in line at the Apple Store in SoHo Wedensday night.

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The Zune Car

Zune car

While waiting inline at the Apple Store in SoHo last night to see Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway promote their new movie Get Smart, this car passed by which clearly has the Zune logo on it’s spare wheel cover, and on the side window.  Clearly that person is obsessed.

Here’s a bonus picture of me and John Hodges after the event.

me and john

We missed Steve, and Anne apparently, but John was walking around, and caught a picture with him.  Stephen Colbert was also there, he did the interview, we missed him walking out too.

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Loud music + car airbags

equals sooo much fun!