Indiana Jones Mosaic


In the spirit of the Giant Star Wars mosaic, I made a mosaic of the new Indiana Jones movie posters.  Unlike that one though, it isn’t gigantic wall sized, although, both posters are decently sized at 10916x16170px and 30mb each.  I also used stills from all the Indiana Jones movies, and AndreaMosaic to make it.  … Continued

God: The Action Figure


Even God uses an AK-47, more proof that that is indeed the greatest assult rifle ever made by human hands.  Wait, maybe it was forged up in heaven by angles, and given to the Soviets in an effort to overthrow the Americans.  But the Devil called God out on that blatent unfairness, so the Americans … Continued

Doodle 4 Google finalists


Awhile ago Google started a Doodle 4 Google contest among school children accross the country, well here are the finalists of the over 16,000 submitted.  Vote for your favorites here. The ones below are the ones I voted for: In the K-3rd grade category: In the 4-6th grade category: In the 7-9th grade category: In … Continued



This really is some good comic advice, some people should follow it.

Email Server question


Alright, I’m trying to redo our srever again but this time adding email to it so that I can have some forms that send emails out, and the like.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to an email server to use? Also, I only really want to use the email server to send out emails … Continued

R2-D2 wedding Cake


This wedding cake is alittle rediculious, well, not as much as the suit that the groom looks like he’s wearing… It looks really well done though, I just wonder how long it took, or if it was custom, or what.

Desktop Art


Now, i know this was a Gizmodo contest from a few weeks ago, but here are my favorites that I haven’t seen before. I love the fact that the hard drive icon is the little ship shooting, nice touch! {Fun Hight} (thanks Bo!)

D-Day, small scale style


Ahh, the magic of CGI, green screens, and copy & paste! Despite all that, this D-Day invasion was done with only 3 people, and it really does look like it was a few hundred, unlike the few thousand that Saving Private Ryan looked like. {Joblo}

LED cube


I’m not really sure i could justify this, it’s cool and all, but, kinda useless, unless you could string a bunch of them together, and make like a huge 3-D television like thing, but i don’t think the resolution is there to make it worth it. Oh well, it’s still cool nonetheless. {Technabob}

Take your anger out with Whack!


Whack is a game where you just have to move the mouse at any speed towards the little polygon man, and  he gets “hurt.”  It’s such a fun way to waste some time, the faster you move the mouse, the harder you hit him, its awesome!