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While doing a Google Image Search earlier, I noticed that the favicon changed from the old capital G in the Google font, to a lowercase blue g still in the same font, but much more…different.

old google

new google

That got me thinking what the other favicons look like, so I went to all the Google services I used most, and then some others, and put them in a bookmarks folder in Firefox 3 (to make it easier for me and you, only one screen shot).

all google favicons


I can’t seem to figure out the reasoning behind the giving out of special Favicons to different services.  At first I thought it was by popularity, but surly, the number of people who use Google Maps is exponentially higher then those that use Google Notebook.  And why the seemingly random phase ouf of the old Google Favicon to the newer one?  I’m all for change, but I don’t like the new favicon too much, it’s not “Googleenough” if you understand what I’m coming from.

In reality though, the people in charge of each service probably came up with a favicon, and used that.  I suggest that some maybe designers use their 20% time to make some more specific favicons. I’m talking about Google Finance, that blank background is really annoying sometimes.

Note, blogger is by itself because of two reasons, 1. it took forever to finish loading, and 2. I forgot about it when it did.  If there’s any other Google services that have different favicons, please tell me, but I think I found all of them.

10 responses to “Google’s Favicons

  1. I don’t have much to add other than that I to hate the new favicon too. It’s just so ugly and unimportant looking.

  2. I noticed the new Google favicon yesterday. I think it has something to do with the double (g) on Google and if you noticed the main thing that sticks out of Google, is the lower case (g). That’s Google branding at its best.

  3. @Brandon
    my Firefox changed late on Saturday.

    I read that it had to do with the symbol for infinity being a sidewards 8, and the lowercase g looks like that, and googol itself is practically an infinity, so it all fits together.

    Personally, I just want the old Capital G back…(offically)

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