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The Biggest Drawing In The World

Erik Nordenankar had a dream, to create the biggest drawing the world had ever seen, literally, the world.  To do that, he didn’t set out to find the biggest sheet of paper, no, he actually went small, briefcase small.  You see, his canvas was the earth itself, and his brush was a GPS enabled briefcase.

self portrait

Using a custom designed briefcase with GPS tracking software in it, he gave DHL specific instructions on where to go, and after 55 days, he had all the data he needed.  The portrait itself is massive, over 40,000 X 40,000 kilometers, in scale, and due to the technique used, the drawing is one complete brush stroke.  However, the only true way to see it is to shrink it down and put it on a map, or globe.  It is a pretty interesting, and ingenious idea.

For his next project, I think he should get a few of them traveling around the globe, for some more interesting designs.

Here’s a video of the making of it (basically just a following of the case)

The only questions I have for him is cost, it must have been through the roof!

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