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Indiana Jones Mosaic

In the spirit of the Giant Star Wars mosaic, I made a mosaic of the new Indiana Jones movie posters.  Unlike that one though, it isn’t gigantic wall sized, although, both posters are decently sized at 10916x16170px and 30mb each.  I also used stills from all the Indiana Jones movies, and AndreaMosaic to make it.  I will admit, I was fully inspired to make these two mosaics from the Star Wars one, so don’t even bother telling me it’s a rip off idea.

Kingdom of The Crystal Skull 1 Kingdom of The Crystal Skull 2

Here is a link to the first one (the left) (29mb)

Here is a link to the second one (the right) (30mb)

I didn’t make any adjustments to the images either, mostly because I was happy with what they looked like anyway, I see a few places where some stills could be replaced, but, it’s not that bothersome to me.

I do not like AndreaMosaic too much though, I made dozens of mosaics (most famous was my Hitler one) a year ago using a much better program, unfortunately with hard drive losses, I lost the program, such a shame, I can’t remember what it was called either, double shame.  I do know that it was a freeware Windows program, that was a .msi installer, and even though it took about 30 hours to make those high res portraits, they were flawlessly beautiful. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, please, please tell me!

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