Star Wars: Empire of The Bat


Bat Star Wars

Bat Star Wars

Those are the characters from Bat Star Wars, a cross between Batman, and Star Wars.

Top row from left: Chew-Bullock,Darth Bat, Emperor Joker, Harley Yoda, Obi-Wan Gordon, & Luke Nightwalker.

Second row from left: C3P-Alfred, Rene Mon-Solo, Princess Bat-Leia, Robin-2D2, & Penguin the Hutt.

Very nice work, excently done, I think he should try and cross some other movies and comics, some interesting things could be in the works…

One response to “Star Wars: Empire of The Bat

  1. Don’t like Yoda in the Harley gear; he’d have been better dressed as (who else?) the Sensei. Otherwise, this is brilliant!

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