Google’s Favicons


While doing a Google Image Search earlier, I noticed that the favicon changed from the old capital G in the Google font, to a lowercase blue g still in the same font, but much more…different. That got me thinking what the other favicons look like, so I went to all the Google services I used … Continued



There’s been alot of diy artsy posts lately, and here’s another one to add to the list, Sketch.  You have a drwaing pad and you make a simple, or complex drawing, and then exchange it with someone else.  They will get your exact drawing, and you will get theirs.  No censoring what so ever.  That’s … Continued

How to Piss Someone Off


I’ve had a bad week or so, not many thing have gone right, and those that have were small.  In short, I’m pissed off.  So, to honor that week, I’ve decided show you 4 steps needed to piss someone off. Just like convincing someone that you are crazy, pissing someone off is kind of easy, … Continued

Flash Kaleidoscope


Here’s an interesting online Flash “game” place some objects in the circle on the left, and on the right will be what they look like all kaleidoscopeic.  Very cool, reminds me of my camera kaleidoscope.



This isn’t really a game, but more of an artistic avenue for people to make cool 2-D pixle masterpieces.  Some of them are truly amazing, while others, really are a Waste of time. As you can imagine, there are many classic Nintento ones.  You can go make your own right now, but be warned, they … Continued

The Biggest Drawing In The World


Erik Nordenankar had a dream, to create the biggest drawing the world had ever seen, literally, the world.  To do that, he didn’t set out to find the biggest sheet of paper, no, he actually went small, briefcase small.  You see, his canvas was the earth itself, and his brush was a GPS enabled briefcase. … Continued

Coolest USB flash drives ever


These two USB flash drives are pretty damn nice.  I wonder how they would fare on a race track, or, driving around the floor, or any of the other uses you can tink of for a Matchbox Car.  It’s only $25 and you can choose which style body, muscle car, or truck it has a 1GB flash drive … Continued

Robotic Suit = first SPARTANs?


That, looks like Master Chief’s armor, part of the SPARTAN-II project.  Or, an early version of it anyway.  This new exoskeotin has lots of potential, potential to kill us all.  For if you exit it, it becomes a robot, robots are bad, very bad, don’t we know that by now? {HackedGadgets}  



I’m here to appologize for the lack of posts since friday.  Unfortunately, there will be less posts as this week progresses.  I just got back from school, and I’m moving all my stuff back into my room at home, that is a less then easy task.  Also in the process, i broke the heatsink on … Continued

The Spookiest Weapons ever


This is my type of list!  Of course the Atom Bomb leads the way, and I would have no other weapon as number 1.  Some on the list are kinda dumb, and the Puke Flashlight, not so much spooky, but The Rods from God, sounds like a really awesome one. Just think, dropping giant metal … Continued