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Rising of the Apple Sun

Real or photoshopped, this is still an awesome image.


The power of the Ocean

But to do good!?

I know, what kind of crazy use of all that raw  power the ocean has is this, for good?  Well, cheap electricity is good, so is not harming the environment with “global warming.”  But since i think global warming is stupid, and fake, thats a strike against it.  However, I do think that it’s an interesting tactic and idea, and it could come in handy.

After all, I need to power my mag-lev train/gun to send robots into space somehow.  And since nuclear winter is looking like it will happen, solar power is diffently out.


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Gmail Custom Time

One of the more interesting features to be given to Gmail is it’s new Custom Time feature.  It allows you to send an email with a timestamp in the past, which will show up in correct chronological order in the user’s inbox!  You can even send it to be marked as read already!  To avoid tempral-paradoxies, and the like, they utilize the new, efficent, e-flux capacitor, and smartly, do not allow you to send email to before April 01, 2004.  Also, they only give you 10 uses of this new feature per year, citing some pretty advanced math for the reason.

I havent used it yet because I only have 10, and I want to use them for something that counts.  But I can’t wait till I do.  All the testomionals (save 1) praise it!

On a real note, I hope Gmail does get some new features today, it has turned 4.

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Kool Aid Man – OH YEAH!

Haha, wow, that is awesome!