Password checker


This is something that I find amazingly useful, the password checker.  It uses simple math formulas, and has easy colors to show you just how horrible, or good your passwords are.  I use this very often as being the paranoid person I am, I change my Google account password once every 4 months, and all … Continued

Best Stumble Pictures


There’s just way too many good things about StumbleUpon to not use it.  I’ve stumbled to many, many great pictures and photos that have just left me literally laughing out loud, or in some cases, speechless for many, many minutes.  Here are all my favorites: my all time favorite motivational poster i have this printed … Continued

What would go in your Obituary?


A Unicorn, that reminds me of Charlie the Unicorn…I’d probably put how I failed to rule the world, because if I died, then I failed to achieve my life goal of world domination… {WTTF}

I Want To Believe


One of the movies I can’t wait for this summer is The X-Files: I Want to Believe, which just recently got it’s sub-title, based off the famous poster hanging in Mulder’s office.  I can’t wait till the movie comes out, as I loved the television show, alot. I really like that poster… {Filmonic}

Lightning Strikes twice


Actually, lightning strikes the same place many times, but that’s not the point, the point is here are some truly awesome pictures of lightning. I have no idea how the rainbow one was captured, but it is my favorite. after the rainbow one, this is my next favorite above

DIY Camera Kaleidoscope


While playing with the extra metal bar from the LED Apple sign stand, me and chris discovered that it makes a really good kaleidoscope.  I got the idea that we should try and attach it to the front of our camera some how. Click the link for the how to article on how we made … Continued

Page-view High


Is it sad that I get these “highs” also?  Just this past week I was on a major high with the Xbox 360 in the microwave.  And last month there were the various stumbled posts.  Fortunately, our server has been able to handle all of the traffic and not kill itself, so all is good … Continued

Happy Birthday Hitler!


Today is Adolf Hitler’s 119th birthday, wish him luck at his goal of ruling the world.  He failed before, but that’s not to say he’s still alive in South America, or any of those other weird conspericy theories about him are true.

Balloon music


Ok, this is just weird, but interesting nonetheless.

Tetris – The Movie


Um, just wow, this looks like an interesting movie…of course, sicne it’s Tetris based, there is no real story there, but I also would probably see it, (or most likely download it, it really doesnt look like its even worth a rental), but alas, no one is dumb enough to actually make a real Tetris … Continued