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Best Stumble Pictures

There’s just way too many good things about StumbleUpon to not use it.  I’ve stumbled to many, many great pictures and photos that have just left me literally laughing out loud, or in some cases, speechless for many, many minutes.  Here are all my favorites:

sense, this picture makes none

my all time favorite motivational poster

i love a parade

i have this printed out and on my door

white flour

too much would be wrong if i printed this out and posted it somewhere

wtf lol

i wonder who has I PWND U?

look at these fucking eggs!

the third paragraph, the first paragraph, the last paragraph, total and complete wow.

nazi vs. star wars

This is an awesome fake battle that is really just awesome


Ok, ok, i know this is a really, really old image, but every time i see it it makes me laugh.

t. hanks

Why hello there Mr. Hanks


To echo the original post, who comes up with this stuff?

hitler kid

Not only did this kid have messed up parents, but, the caption is borderline wrong!

rainbow lightning

I think that’s beautiful, along with all the other lightning photos

meat loaf's facts

Is it sad that I just loved that chart?

toner girl

How can I forget Toner Girl?  This is a motivational poster based on her famous image, I still want to know who you are…

the end

I leave with those good words of advice, they help me make it through the day, maybe they’ll help you.

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