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Great Stories

STORG.NET is a place where people can submit stories about anything in life, as long as they are slightly interesting, and slightly true.  I’ve spent the better part of a night there so far reading stories, and  (not) surprisingly, my favorite story is the one where a guy dressed up as Hitler for a ball, although, the one about the ADHD Heelys bowling is pretty awesome too, that one’s short enough i included it below:

The coolest job to have back in January 2007 was working at a toy store. Back then, EVERY kid between the ages 5 and 10 got a pair of Heelys for Christmas. While kids were eagerly spending their gift certificates at my store, about 80% of them had not fully mastered wheels on heels physics.

So myself and a few crew members came up with a game called ADHD Bowling. Each of us set up a very unstable floor display at a blind spot around a corner, and we would get points whenever a speeding kid would knock it down. Bonus points were added if there was crying or a spanking.

Here were the results during one 8 hour shift:

Myself- a display with 12 cases of Cabbage Patch Dolls knocked down 5 times with one kid crying.

Lenny- a display with 20 Star Wars boxed lightsabers knocked down 8 times, 2 kids crying, one spanking.

Alyssa(current champ)- her rigged winter coat rack sprawled coats all over the floor a whopping 9 times resulting in 6 spankings.

None of us got in trouble because Alyssa is the store manager.

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