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Make your own Gorilla suit!

Yes, that’s right, in October 2008 there will be the first ever Gorilla Suit making convention, right here in the good old U.S.

Some reasons why you would want a Gorilla suit include:

  • You cannot attend fancy-dress parties in Italian chateaux and be mistaken for a British ambassador who is in a gorilla suit, unless you have a gorilla suit
  • You cannot drive a Nash Metropolitan around Blake Edwards-style at high speed in a gorilla suit, unless you have a gorilla suit.

Now, here are things you can do with a gorilla suit!

Plus, the following activities can all be augmented in some dimension by wearing a gorilla suit:

  • Driving an Austin-Healey, a motorcycle sidecar outfit, or riding a Vespa scooter.
  • Dressing your child as a banana. This will not make sense without a gorilla suit.
  • Riding a bicycle. Especially a tandem bicycle.
  • Attending the opera. Especially while wearing a top hat and carrying a silver-tipped walking stick.

Really, awesome things all around. If you’re interested, you should sign up for the convention, it’ll be awesome!

Its supposed to happen over in West Chester PA, which is not exactly close to me, and seeing as how I don’t think I will find many personal uses for my own Gorilla suit, I doubt that I will make it to the meeting, but, maybe you will find some use going?

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