LED Apple sign


LED apple 1 LED apple 2

So, just like the LED Plexiglas heart I made for valentines day, I made another LED Plexiglas thing, this one however, was for me.  I also made it a little bigger, and by a little, I mean it’s 8″ x 10″, where as the heart was only 5″x4″.  Oh well, I like it.  Also, unlike the heart, this one is powered by USB, and has a slick aluminum base and frame.  I figured, let’s make it really Apple like, and brushed aluminum was the way to go.

LED apple base

LED apple base 2

I made the etching pretty much the same way, and all, and I think it came out really, really nice.

We have pretty much perfected the method to make these, and if anyone is interested in them, please, send us an email: led@deadlycomputer.com Right now we can do simple designs, with one or two different colors of LEDs, but as we fine tune the process more, and get more experience, we will be able to do complex designs, with as many colors as you want!

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