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We Microwaved an Xbox 360!

microwaved xbox

Yes, yes we did.  That was just one of the new dangerous things we microwaved over spring break 2 weeks ago.  You can view all the Xbox 360 stuff, and then watch a video.  After the link I’ll tell you what new stuff we microwaved, and what happened.

Yea, the entire motherboard of the Xbox was completely and totally lost in the name of science.

Here’s the longer of the two videos:

Some good stuff, lots of fire.
Now, you’ll never believe this, but, the Xbox 360 broke my fucking microwave! It broke it. That was totally unfun!

Before the microwave broke though, there was a few other new things we microwaved, including a old ASUS motherboard, a Linksys router, a 15 inch Dell LCD screen, with all the other stuff it came with including the back light, and the diffuser.

The microwave is now completly useless as a microwave, lots, and lots of damage was done to it, but it was in the name of science, and I think it was worth it.  That’s it for now, we have to get some donations together to buy/find/steal another microwave, all help is welcome.

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