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The Worst Museum Tour Ever

glumbert – How to ruin a day at the museum

I’m sorry, I feel bad for the kids on these tours, being mindlessly brainwashed…
Oh I can’t wait till i have kids…

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These people should be held responsible for the lies and delusional nonsense they impose upon the minds of innocent children. How much are people paying for their children to go on these tours?

Fuck you.

Darwinism is no less of a religion than any other. Who are you to say your religion is any better and insult the followers of this one.

I’m a long time visitor of this site and I can’t believe you would insult some of us like this.

@AnomynousPierson, well, I guess by voicing my opinion on something I believe in, I may insult people, but, such is life, I’m not saying my religion, or beliefs are better then anyone elses’, all I’m saying is that there are somethings that you simply cannot disprove.

I’m a christian as well, but even I think that the half of what those guys are saying is complete nonsense and they really really need to do better research because they got slaughterd here.

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