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Site changes

There are a few changes instore for the site onver the coming summer months I hope.  I just need to get some free time to do them, hopefully once I’m done with classes, i will have some of that free time.

There are two main changes, one cosmetic, and one behind the scenes.  First, i found, and added the RSS feed icon back, and moved around the Google chat box.  As for behind the scenes, things should load alittle faster now due to a few plugins i added to WordPress.

I need some people to test out some stuff, so I’m looking for testers, nothing special, just some people to tell me how the site loads, how it looks, and give me feedback on looks and stuff.

I’ll let you know with a post telling you where to sign up and stuff.

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How Google Works

how google works image

How Google Works, is a nice flash animation, (the only thing i think flash is good for), giving the best, simplest, most accurate description of how Google does a search.

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Here is a great online flash based art pad, you can draw stuff, and then save it and send the masterpiece to someone else, you can print it too.
I made a few things that I may not want to keep, but my artistic talents aren’t that big.

awesome photo

Autobot Origins?

Hey look at that, it’s me again.

For this past weekend, I have been suffering from what some would call a lack of sleep. Because of that, I am prone to weird delusions and random brain misfirings. Well, Monday I woke up and stared at my bedsheets for a while…I mean really stared. And I noticed something. Check out the Autobots logo:

Now take a look at Darth Vader’s mask:

Notice anything? Hit the jump for my highly scientific (for 2:30am) rendering.

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Charlie the Unicorn

Oh my, that was just hysterical! Too many good quotes there, too many…
My sister showed me the first Charlie the Unicorn some time ago, and I just stumbled to this second one the other night. At first I thought Charlie the Unicorn was just weird, but now i can be heard quoting “It’s magical liopleurodon!!”

Here’s the first short film:

I hope there’s a third one.

a stumble

Airplanes, the safest way to travel

birds vs. plane
If I was on that plane, I would freak out. If i was on any of these planes, or the airport, or seen any of it, I would freak out.
That’s some good timing
broken plane
That’s sad, I like those planes

All being said though, air travel still remains the safest form of transportation for us humans…

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What Tree do you See?

lsd tree

Here’s a multitude of different pictures of a single tree, under the influence of numerous different circumstances:
chuck norris tree

italic tree

shcwarzenegger tree

temptation tree

traffic tree

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How to Save The Planet

kill yourself

Haha, wow, i wonder how many people followed that advice?


Oh, and here’s an amazing video of a new holiday that we should all follow:

F*ck the Earth Day – Watch more free videos

We need to “make the earth our bitch.” and “learn to swim and eat rocks.” Good stuff

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This looks like it could be a really fun game.  The only question I have is how come YAHOO is with Microsoft?  It should be Apple that has that spot, simply because it would go better.  Sure Yahoo and Microsoft are Google’s main compitetors, but, they are two different companies.  If you were gonna put Microsoft, then Apple is the clear opposite, if Yahoo then I would say probably Amazon.

They also could have put some more Google related services in, but I do like how they have mostly the lesserknowns on the board.

I like the pieces, and the houses/hotels:

game peices

I would buy it it someone made it.  I would feel better buying it if it were an Official Google product you could buy at the Google Store though…

{Webrankinfo (in French)}

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How to convince people you’re crazy

It’s actually very, very, easy to convince someone that you are a crazy person.  There is only one requirement for it all, an imagination.  If you have a good imagination, you can do anything, one of those anythings is convince people that you are indeed a crazy person.

However, there are some steps to make it all easier for you, the full list of them, after the click: