Eat Humans


How would you like to eat some human?  I hear we taste like veal, but i wouldn’t know that for sure. I would think that the office raised human costs less then the free range one, but thats just me.

Nuclear Bombs!


I love nuclear bombs, alot, actually, more then alot.  Anyone that knows me knows how much i love them, here are a bunch of photos documenting nuclear bombs, and tests, and things nuclear in general: I’m sorry, but i think that that is a beautiful photograph.



Sorry for the slow posts this past week, I’ve been without a reliable Operating system since Monday.  But, I now have both working perfectly, so I should be alright. There will be some downtime later today as I am going to backup the server, and some other maintaince stuff. In other site news, I don’t … Continued

Scaled Bookshelf


Well, this may not be useful, like the staircase one, or math one, but it is an interesting concept, like these other ones too, the Scaled bookshelf, by Denis Oh.I like the idea behind it, but i wouldn’t put anything important or fragile on it. {Gizmodo}



I can’t say I’m much of a fan of Arthur C. Clarke, but his passing away this week was significant, as some people are saying this is the end of Science Fiction’s greatest era.  You can’t ignore he had a huge infulence on the world of sci-fi, and I personally love his 3rd law. As … Continued

Bohemian Rhapsody Flow Chart


Flow charts are good, here’s one to the lyrics of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.  But, i have to admint, it is kinda useless…fun, but useless.

My Kind of Measuring Cup


I love this measuring cup.  Will someone get it for me? It would useful for all sorts of things, like cooking, bomb making, and taking over the planet.  Cause on the other side it tells you how many grains of flour per people on the planet! It’s a cup with endless uses I tell you! … Continued

Hidden In Public


Only the select few can see these hidden messages.  What select few people you ask, well, those that wear polarized sunglasses anyway. Here’s what they look like to normal people: Kind of a neat idea I’d say. {MAKE}

Need some Help with that?


If you need help finding a gift for someone, or are bored, or need to use the bathroom in Munich, well, this site can help you. If you need help taking over the planet, then this post can help you.

LEGO Murderers

0 has set up some awesome sets of murder, LEGO style.  Be careful though, some of them are pretty gruesome, even for plastic people.