Best Theme Park Ever?


SNR-300 is a nuclear reactor in Germany that was never put online due to environmentalists (just to let you all know, I hate you, and yes, Global Warming is fake).  What happened to it?  It wasn’t left to rot and deteriorate, rather it was bought for the bargain of 2.5 million Euros and turned into a combination Hotel/Theme park.

I can only say one thing to the person who thought that up, you are a genious.

You can do things such as climb the interior of the unused cooling tower, which is now painted pretty colors:

It’s name is  “Kernwasser Wunderland“, which translates to “Nuclear Water Wonderland” which I think is an awesome name.  It has regular rides, and attractions too, but i think the Cooling Tower is pretty awesome.  I’d like to visit the control room too.

I actually want to go visit there one day, alot.

{Google Sightseeing}

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