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Movies as Text

Here are a bunch of really, really well done in kinematic Typography.
V for Vendetta, the best one I think on the whole list is amazingly well done, and it also shows one of the good fun speeches of the movie:

The Classic Who’s on first scene. How can you watch/listen to this and not crack up?

Ocean’s 11 scene where Danny does the Vault demo, I have to say, this is one of the weakest ones in the list:

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Tall Buildings

death star hotel

Ok, that’s not really a tall building, but, it is a new one, and kinda tall, and Death Star like.

Ok, that reminds me of Halo 3, are they planing some sort of Forerunner installation there or something?  Maybe it will open a portal to slipspace, i hope The Flood don’t come through.

That actually looks normal, if it weren’t for the super clear water beach that was next to it anyway.

Some more awesome skyscrapers in the works over at Dark Roasted Blend.


The Wheelbarrow Games

glumbert – Wheelbarrow Freestyle

This could very well be the weirdest freestyle think I have ever seen. Really, how do you go about entering this type of thing, where do you get the skills. Or, more importantly, why?

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Star Wars vs. Nazis

I had a whole lenghty article in my mind I was gonna write, but, well, I’m lazy, and don’t want to write all it, i’ll save it for another day, and we’ll just leave it at this:

The Nazi’s are winning this battle against the Evil Glactic Empire, but who will win the war?  I think once the Empire uses The Death Star, the Nazi’s stand no chance, but they are holding their own rather well right now.

{Unfortunately I don’t know where the image came from, chris sent it to me, if you know, or it’s yours, please tell me}

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LED Chandelier, Do I want one? Yes.

I love LEDs, love them to death, when I get my own home, all the lights will be LEDs, not only because they are energy efficient, and last forever, but because i love them.  I definitely want one of these chandeliers for my dining room.  Not one so massive, 7000lbs, 17ft tall, but one made of LEDs, and maybe some copper instead of the gold and steel.


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Paper Transformer

Unbelievable! Paper Toy Transformer …For more of the funniest videos, click here
No, not those types of transformers, fun little toy transformers.  And i must say, this is pretty awesome, I am making one today.

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Best Theme Park Ever?

SNR-300 is a nuclear reactor in Germany that was never put online due to environmentalists (just to let you all know, I hate you, and yes, Global Warming is fake).  What happened to it?  It wasn’t left to rot and deteriorate, rather it was bought for the bargain of 2.5 million Euros and turned into a combination Hotel/Theme park.

I can only say one thing to the person who thought that up, you are a genious.

You can do things such as climb the interior of the unused cooling tower, which is now painted pretty colors:

It’s name is  “Kernwasser Wunderland“, which translates to “Nuclear Water Wonderland” which I think is an awesome name.  It has regular rides, and attractions too, but i think the Cooling Tower is pretty awesome.  I’d like to visit the control room too.

I actually want to go visit there one day, alot.

{Google Sightseeing}

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How to make a Great Conspiracy Theory

So, you want to start a conspiracy theory huh?  One that achieves the same level of success of the Roswell Incident? Think it’s as easy as just making some shit up do you?  Well, you’re only partially correct.  It is easy, but also requires some research, after all, what good is a conspiracy theory, if a simple Google search shows how unbelievably wrong you are.

4 simple steps after the click:

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Who are you?

This girl is covered in toner from a laser printer (I think), I stumbled to this photo last year sometime, and I instantly knew this is someone I would get along with well.

If you are this person, or know this girl, I would really like to meet her, playing in toner is soooo much fun.

(I posted this at mike’s request, but I do want to meet her)

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Coil Gun

Using 13 disposable cameras, the barrel of a BIC pen, a single D cell battery, and some wire, Matt Hack created an awesome Coil Gun.

Apparently at $1 each, these capacitors are dirt cheap, and i would agree.  However, I would probably use the cameras first, or at least keep the film (he trew it out), 35mm film will stay around for a long time, and I still use my 35mm Nikon SLR.

That looks dangerous…

That actually looks kinda cool looking.

The finished weapon, deadly unknown, awesome, very much so.

Here’s a few videos of it in action, and some sparks too!