A Math Teacher’s Bookshelf


Unlike the staircase bookcase, this really bookshelf doesn’t have an alternate purpose, unless you count separating your books based on math formulas usefull (i don’t). It is a neat idea though, I’ll give it that much. {Technabob}

LED Fireplace


As a rule, I do not approve of fake fireplaces, that includes gas ones. They defeat the purpose of fireplaces, to provide warmth, and a beauty to look at. This LED fireplace however could be the exception to the rule. It’s a known fact that LEDs make things better, and if you add in the … Continued

Science Fair Projects to remember


  Here are 41 science fair projects that are just amazing.  My favorites though are the 4 attached with this post.

Question for you all:


So, I’ve been thinking about doing a monthly “How to” like article.  Unlike regular How To’s though, this wont teach you everyday things, like “How to build the best computer for the cheapest money” or “How to learn to knit in a weekend.”  No, these would be more along the lines of the “How to … Continued

The most usefull book shelf ever


Apartment Therapy has a nice find of what I consider the best bookshelf ever.  Built into the staircase, and still usable as a stair case are book shelves, and lots, and lots of books.  I don’t have this many books, but I know someone who does, and she would get much good use out of … Continued

Complainers Rejoice


Here’s an automatic Complaint Letter generator.  You just put in the full name of the person you want to complain about, and tell it how many paragraphs, and hit enter, and BAM! you got yourself a complaint letter! Here’s a sample one i generated based off the fake name: “Professor Shiny, CD-Man IV” Rather than … Continued

Paint blob art


Here’s a series of ink blobs  folded between pages of paper, and then with more art added to them afterwards.  I think they are pretty awesome, and hard to do, good work to the artist.  This next one is my favorite: {Behance.net}



Mandles are candles for men, the video speaks for itself, it’s too bad that these aren’t avaliable for purchase, because damn, I think I would get one. I mean, Chuck Norris’ sweat can burn holes in concrete, and is also the active ingredient in Red Bull, so if i have that in candle form, one … Continued

iTunes 7.6 Shuffle is Messed Up?


Has anyone else noticed that the when shuffling songs with iTunes 7.6, or the iPod Touch firmware 1.1.3 there, artists aren’t really random, but come in doubles? I have a few playlists of about 400 songs each, and with all my favorite artists.  Most artists have at least 2, sometimes as many as 10 songs … Continued

The most awesome glove ever


With the power of this glove, I can control the fate of Ants everywhere! No need to fuss with magnifying glasses, and the Sun, for I will be able to light ants on fire with the snap of my fingers! I must have one.