Some more awesome Bookshelves


Wow, is it a bookshelf week or what?  first there’s the staircase bookshelf, and then the math formula bookshelf, now here is a collection of 30 creative bookshelves (interesting that the staircase one isn’t on the list, but it is on the 2nd comment).

While the Shelf shelf isn’t very usefull for storing lots of stuff, it is pretty different.

The ceiling bookshelf on the other hand is very usefull, since most ceilings aren’t being used for much of anything, i would totally add this to my house.

I like this one too, fully customizable, fully awesome, look at the shirt hanging there also!

This is really only usefull if you have alot of books, i do not have enough books to make an entire wall for them, but it looks pretty!