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Complainers Rejoice

Here’s an automatic Complaint Letter generator.  You just put in the full name of the person you want to complain about, and tell it how many paragraphs, and hit enter, and BAM! you got yourself a complaint letter!

Here’s a sample one i generated based off the fake name: “Professor Shiny, CD-Man IV”

Rather than engage in a point-by-point response to the textual interpretation of Prof. Shinny CD-Man IV’s doctrines, I want to respond to the more general issue at hand. The full truth of my conclusion I shall develop in the course of this letter but the conclusion’s general outline is that Prof. CD-Man has — not once, but several times — been able to procure explosive devices, gasoline, and detonators for use in an upcoming campaign of terror without anyone stopping him. How long can that go on? As long as his oligophrenic undertakings are kept on life support. That’s why we have to pull the plug on them and shout back at his propaganda. Finally, any one of the points I made in this letter could be turned into a complete research paper, but the conclusion of each would be the same: Nothing agitates and humiliates Prof. Shinny CD-Man IV more than when I disentangle people from the snares set by him and his lickspittles

Holy WOW that’s a good letter!

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