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iTunes 7.6 Shuffle is Messed Up?

Has anyone else noticed that the when shuffling songs with iTunes 7.6, or the iPod Touch firmware 1.1.3 there, artists aren’t really random, but come in doubles?

I have a few playlists of about 400 songs each, and with all my favorite artists.  Most artists have at least 2, sometimes as many as 10 songs each.  I put the playlist on shuffle, and forget about it, but ever since the new updates of iTunes to 7.6, and the iPod Touch firmware to 1.1.3, the shuffle really doesn’t seem random.  I average 3 songs by different artists, then 2 by the same artist, then another 3-4, then 2 more the same artist again.  This happens no matter how many times I shuffle the list, and restart iTunes, or the iPod.

It’s not too annoying, but it is slightly, I have it on shuffle so I can hear my music randomly, not in order.  Has anyone else seen this type of behavior or am I just imagining things?

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