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The Creepiest Tree Ever

This is quite possibly the creepiest “tree” ever. If i ever saw/heard that, i think i would freak out, and then kill the person who made it.



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EDIT: 02-16-2016

Here’s a YouTube version of the video in case the one above goes away one day:

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You’d kill the artist? WTF? Some ‘creepy’ things should be eliminated, like guys who jerk off to children’s swim wear catalogs, but not this. In fact, eerie might be a better word here, otherworldly perhaps, but it also beautiful, unique and immensely creative and thoughtful.

Oh well. Envy drives us to extremes, no?

Okay, hold on, those noises were made by that thing?!?! That was like extremely creepy! I was actually expecting something to like come up in the end, the music and the tube tree thingy was just insanely scary!

This thing is awesome! i think its almost relaxing if not humbling!!! i would love to have one in my back yard… a great work of art!

yeah…it’s pretty freaky that when you blow across tubes it makes a tone…REEEEEEAL creepy

you people that think this is creepy are retarded
how do you think a flute produces sound???

ooooooooooh, nature…creeeeeeeeeepy

*rolls eyes*

i’m not saying that i’m afraid of flutes, and other wind instruments, what i am saying is, imagine driving, or walking at night, it’s windy, and its an unfamiliar place to you, if you heard that, i’m pretty sure the first thing through your mind wouldn’t be “gee, what a nice tune, i wounder what band is nearby?” no, most likely, it would be something along the lines of “holy shit what the fuck is that we gotta get out of here NOW” at least, that’s what would be going through my head.

if i had knowingly built/installed it, that’s a different story, but stumbling upon (haha, pun!) it one day driving around would freak me out, period. end of sentence.

That’s pretty damned nifty, I think. A bit large, perhaps, for my yard, but nifty nonetheless. Now for it to be truly “creepy”, you would need to place the sucker in the middle of an old cemetery.

@Angela wind chimes (at least what I think of wind chimes anyway) do not make creepy howling sounds like in that video.

@Kristn, you could also combine it with the DIY Ghost made of metal mesh, and then it would be really creepy, if you put both in an old cemetery, well then i think you might just give a few people heart attacks.

@Manders, I don’t know how it would sound in the rain, maybe too much extra noise, but, if it were a thunderstorm, well, i think i can imagine a very, very scary situation.

This is an art installation in Burnley, England. It was comissioned by the local council and placed at a beauty spot called point, which offers spectacular vista of the entire town of Burnley spread below. Surprised to see old Burnley on the net!

I actually think it is quite amazing, very artistic and innovative.
Someone brillant created this
Musical sculpture that uses wind to create notes.
How is that not amazing????

I think it’s cool not really creepy. I mean whenever the wind is blowing real strong by my house like a storm or something I hear that a sound just like that if I go outside. The only real difference is that the pipe tree makes the sound constantly so if I was driving around and heard that I’d think strong winds and when it didn’t go away after a few seconds I’d just be curious and want to find out what it was.

How cool is that – only nature meeting metal and ‘singing’. You folks want to go camping in the wind and listen to canvas ‘sing’! Soothing not sickening I call it.

It sounds lonely. They should have another close by, except set up at a different angle so it produces different notes. Kind of like a duet.

That isn’t creepy,I think it’s awesome. :] The sound of the wind blowing through the metal tubes is slightly.. relaxing.

(And the person who made it doesn’t deserve to die..)

1 it is not a tree it is suppose to be a tornado
2 not creepy (well maybe a little) it is insane
3 why would you kill him i would want one of those in my yard

@seth, it is located in Burnley, England.

as for the people saying it’s not a tree, you’re right, its not, it resembles a tornado in shape, yes, but it’s called “The Singing Ringing Tree” and therefore, i think it deserves the name “tree” also, it’s creepy at night. During the day sure, maybe it’s relaxing, but not night, and not if you aren’t aware of it’s existence.

As for killing the artist, again, maybe i went to far, maybe i didn’t but, its too late now, and I’m not apologizing/editing it.

well i agree with you Steve, i think i would piss my pants if i heard that while taking a stroll at night. and i most definitely would not want it in my yard.

despite the fact that it creeps me out, it is a really neat design.

people need to lighten up, i mean come on, Steve was obviously over exaggerating.

No, Steve, you’re a retard, a pansy, a twit. Kill a person just because he creates something that has 1 in a million chance of scaring you. Think you’re most likely an American. Eeewwwwww!

Your penchant for killing people over nothing frightens me. I think I should kill you before you kill too many innocents. Yes, your stupid little fears are NOTHING!

you guys are a bunch of meat eating pansies who the fuck would ever think, that the majestic chime tree is scary or even creepy…. fucking stupid americans….if you think that’s scary you would never make it in another country….pussies…..

I love how the people that are bashing this because it was written by an American instantly prove that people in most other countries lack any and all sense of humor.

@Spurt, d-reg: Oh my (collective) gods, lighten up a bit. It is obviously a joking comment and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. In addition, @d-reg: Meat eating? I shouldn’t think that it is soley americans who eat meat, unless I missed something on my last visit to Madrid and I was eating chile CON CARNE sans carne?

Outstanding!! who gives a rats ass-hole if it’s scary or whatever…what it is, is a great piece of expression, way in advance of the expressions given in some of the other comments – you dont like it? – well go drible in a corner!!

I wonder if you could tell which direction the wind was blowing based on the tone. probably not but that is an awesome piece.

Tubing, or not Tubing. That is the question.

this gives the gods andancient spirits a way to be heard.a tree ?you are creepy in an unimaginitive way and should be killed.just offer these creative things to us and keep your small brain quiet.

Wow, no wonder the world is so messed up, all this in response to a unique and beautiful experiment. It’s cool and nobody should die.

yeah.. be freaky @ nite, but during the day it sounds like a Tornado w/o the destruction, (except for thy underware!) Kool, thanx, for sharing!

why would anyone make something like that.. sounds like people singing and children crying… it’s sad and terrifying..

I think this is an amazing piece of art! The story behind it is really neat, also. I would love to go and visit. I think the sounds it makes is more haunting than creepy but in a neat way…however, I think were I to come across it while hiking or on a walk without knowing anything about it, I would be a little wierded out by its other-worldly sounds.

An amazing piece, nonetheless. Would love to figure out how to create a small-scale one for my garden or yard.

so much for all the stupidity listed above.
steve, you may as well alter your description of this masterpiece rather than getting your kicks from responding to everything opposed.

@Dagen during the day yes, it would probably sound relaxing, i agree, a tornado, not having heard a tornado in person, I have no way of knowing, sorry.

@vegiemite you seem to be of the few people who think somewhat the same as I am in terms of stumbling to it in the middle of the night that is.

@pin i’m not sure i follow you 100%

I’m sorry you are all retarded if you think this piece of art represents a tree, it is a tornado. And it’s rad not creepy.

Wow. That thing is as beautiful as it is eerie. It’s a great work of creativity, but reminds me of tripping out on acid. And I think that if I were on acid, near that tree I might flip a tit. Otherwise, I would really like to know where the hell that is so I can climb it.

this is art. not creepy. it might trigger fear in some people. but the fear is their own. nothing to do with the beautiful sounds coming from this work of high art. these sounds can heal.

oh…some people lack a sense of humor..i mean, it was way TOO OBVIOUS that STEVE WAS JOKING when he said that he would kill the artist. in my own point of view, it is not creepy at all, but for some people it is. if u don’t think it is creepy, then stop insulting others who do. and the people who bash steve obviously don’t pay attention to his explanations at all, which just proves how ignorant some people can be. CHILL OUT, and try to respect other people’s opinions.

OK I LOVE IT. it kinda sounds like the indy 500 raceway. kinda makes me feel soothed. either that or a giant swarm of mosquitos. hmmm i choose to think it sounds like the raceway

@lol thank you for your defense of me. I think the main problem is that 95% of the people don’t read any of the comments on here, or, at least none of the comments by me trying to explain things.

@molly, a swarm of mosquitoes sounds actually terrifying to me.

Holy Cow! Seeing that and hearing it is amazing. However, if I did not know what the source was and I’d heard that while outside I’d be quite concerned… and that is a sign of true art. Amazing.

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