A Series of Tubes


No, not the internet, a completely different series of tubes, real tubes underground to transport real goods. Low-tech Magazine has a very nice article on the idea, its history, and some projects to implement these tubes in other countries in the coming years.  The whole idea is very retro, and interesting at the same time.  … Continued

It’s the 29th!!


That’s right, its leap year! . . . . . . . . . . . . . no, there was not other point to this post.

Sound Mirrors


Before RADAR the British erected these Sound collecting dishes in hopes of catching airplanes before they made it to the coast and were able to bomb the countryside. They didn’t really take off (haha, pun) because RADAR was invented, and that allowed for much further then the 20 mi (on a good day) range of … Continued

5 Easy Steps To World Domination


Everyone wants to rule the world at one point in their lives, but, not everyone has the ability, or know how on how to do it. This is another area where I’ve done alot of thinking about, and I want to share the steps I’ve come up with with you all. So, if you want … Continued

The Marble Table


If the Interactive LED table is my Coffee table, then The Marble Table will be my kitchen table. I can easily play with this table for hours, I wonder if peas work instead or marbles, that would make for an interesting dinner with some children (or me). {Gizmodo}

My future birthday gift?


Someone, please buy this for me for my birthday. If you do, I will love you for the rest of my life, I may marry you (if you’re female), and I will appoint you to my council of elites for when I take over the planet. That is 3 awesome things, all for the low, … Continued

Google Talk chatbox


Yesterday Google released the Google Talk Chatback feature for Google Talk users.  It’s really easy to implment, just add the html code to anypage and you’re done! I added it to the blog yesterday its on the left see ===> When it’s green that means I’m available, and you can talk to me, try it … Continued

I Would Do Anything for Love – piano


The Grooviest Videos on the Web, GroovyGrooves.com Mike will probably yell at me, but i don’t care, this is some awesome Piano work to Meat Loaf’s I Would Do Anything for Love, good job.

Some more awesome Bookshelves


Wow, is it a bookshelf week or what?  first there’s the staircase bookshelf, and then the math formula bookshelf, now here is a collection of 30 creative bookshelves (interesting that the staircase one isn’t on the list, but it is on the 2nd comment). While the Shelf shelf isn’t very usefull for storing lots of … Continued