Best Google Logo Ever


Google’s logo today is meant to  celebrate the 50th anniversary of the LEGO brick, and it has shot up to be my all time most favorite Google Logo ever. I tried to make one a few years ago, it came out alright.

Network Cables as Art


Being slightly OCD about things like that, these beautifully organized cables are just that, beautiful art. So much better organized then these cables:

How To Care for Your Baby


Follow these basic rules of Baby Care and you too will have a healthy family one day.

LED Floaties


I will never understand the things that people think when they make these things. Sure they are pretty, but to me they are a waste of valuable natural resources, LEDs. But, either way, i would make one or two of those one day, but keep them inside, no need to loose those LEDs, they’re insanely … Continued

Famous People as LEGO people


While some of these LEGO celebrities are good, some are just scary, like Lincoln, i’d be scared of that person.  And Elvis, well, Elvis is ok.

UPDATE: View Lyrics on iPod Touch


Here’s an update to the View Lyrics missing on iPod touch from September. Turns out that with the optional $20 software package that Apple released as the “January Software Upgrade” you can now view the lyrics by tapping on the cover art of the currently playing song. I don’t have any photos of this, because … Continued

LEGO Terminator Skull


Wow, lots of LEGO posts recently, oh well I love LEGOs, so its a-ok with me! Anyway, snyderman built a replica of The Terminator’s mechanical head, it’s not self aware yet, but i’m still afraid of it all the same. {Gizmodo}

LEGO Tetris


Probably my most favorite version of Tetris to date. The end really is amazing, and totally makes it worth it. {Hawty McBloggy}

Velociraptor Safari, the game


That is the trailer for what could be the best free online game i have ever seen. Granted, for me it has to go up against some truly awesome games, but you drive around in a jeep, killing/catching/running over velociraptors! What could be better then that?!?! {Destructoid}