Oldschool Playground Fun



They don’t make playgrounds the same way they used to.

I agree with what NLogan says, that above green, safety coated playground cannot hold a stick up to the crazy metal contraptions of yesteryear:

But now in the world of polotical correctness, and protection of our children from themselves, no one can have fun.  Gone is sand, “animals can poop in it”  Gone are swings “kids can fall off” Gone are tire swings, and other tire things “they collect water, mosquitoes could come”

The country is too protective of things.  Using Lysol to disinfect ever surface before your kid touches it.  Preventing kids from playing the games that were invented hundreds of years ago.  This is a problem, and it must be reversed as soon as possible.  For when it is, maybe then our country will grow up, and become the great country it was years ago…

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