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Tetris, will it help destroy us?

Ahh Tetris, it is my all time favorite video game ever. I make regular posts about it, but little did I know just how much it is going into helping with the creation of AI.

Tetris A.I. has actually been in development for quite some time now, 5 years and counting, and yes, it has been evolving.  The findings show that a computer can play Tetris better then a human can.  This is frightening.  For Tetris is the most simple of games, and easy for humans to master (I am awesome at Tetris), But teaching robots to play Tetris, that is taking it too far, for once they master that (which they have), then it’s a simple step onto mastering other games, and, then making games, and then, how long before they make the perfect game, The Matrix?

Not long at all, we must stop this research NOW! The sooner we end research into A.I. the longer we as a species will be able to live (provided no one goes crazy)

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