How to End Human Life on Earth

Ok, everyone at some points wants to just kill everyone on the planet at least once in their life. Lately, I’ve been thinking of that, and ways to fulfill it. I’m not a crazy psychopath who wants to kill everyone or anything, I’ve just been thinking, “what would it take?” Well, here is what I think the easiest ways are.

Just a few things to note;

  • every one of these methods below are illegal in one sense or another
    • but since you’re gonna kill all human life, what does going to jail for a few days mean to you?
  • none of these are “guaranteed” to kill 100% of all human life
  • Deadly Computer does not encourage, endorse, or participate in any of the ideas below
    • if you do decide to try one of these methods out, Deadly Computer cannot be held responsible for anything that may happen to you, or the rest of the world

now, if you agree to the above items, feel free to click the link:

1. Start a Nuclear War

First on our list of ways to kill all the humans on the planet is to start a nuclear war. Despite what you might think, it is far easier the governments have you believe it is to develop and build your own nuclear weapon. Granted, it will be crude, and no where near as powerful as the one pictured above (Ivy Mike), but you should be able to get a few dozen kilotons out of one provided you take your time and follow the directions to the letter. Where are these directions? you just need to know where to look. And don’t tell me you don’t know where, if that’s the case, you should consider rethinking your decision to end all life, for clearly you have much left to learn.

After you make your crude nuke, you need to detonate it in the key spot. Easy you may think, Washington D.C. well if you did that all you would do is kill yourself.

America isn’t stupid, they wont fire their nuclear arsenal just because of one bomb (now, if you have developed multiple bombs, and set them off chain reaction throughout the country, that’s different, but for the sake of this scenario, its a single bomb). No, you will want to detonate your nuclear weapon in an area that is hostile towards everyone.

The Middle East? NO.

North Korea, possibly, it depends on a few other factors that would have to be determined at the time.

Russia? Not likely.

Who? Europe. Preferably a country with a nuclear arsenal of their own, but, not required. If you think of all the major wars in recent history, they all began in Europe, if you place your bomb in the right spot, at the right time, and with the right hype (disinformation you provide to the public), you have WWIII started right then and there.

How does this turn into a nuclear war? Simple, eventually, the people who got nuked will want to get even with the people who they believe nuked them, and then the cycle starts, and before you know it, Nuclear Winter is a fact.

2. Deadly Virus

develop or steal a deadly disease that has a 99.9% kill rate. While it may be hard to develop your own, then like the nuclear bomb above, steal one. Or, get your hands on some Smallpox.

No matter where you get your virus, deployment of it is key. Just like the nuclear bomb above, you may be thinking big city, perfect. In this case, you are only partially correct.

Depending on the disease, it may be identified quickly, and containment, though hard, could happen. The virus you steal/create also may not be very resilient, for instance, it may not survive long in the air, making a single city useless.

Despite making all these arguments seem silly, I am going to make a movie comparison here. The way the deadly virus in 12 Monkeys was deployed was perfect. There was no flaw in the way that virus was spread except for the fact that it did not kill 100% of humans, which after all, is what you’re looking to do. For those unfamiliar with the way that virus was spread, here it is in it’s simplest form:

Guy gets virus, travels to the major cities of the world, and in each airport, he releases the contents of a vial containing the virus. This spreads, and in no time, the world is brought to its knees.

That is how you spread a virus with the intention of killing all humans.

3. Destroy the World Economy

Destroy the economy you ask, how will that kill all the humans you ask? Well, it’s actually, not 100% guaranteed, in fact, it’s probably the one on this list that has the lowest chance of ending all human life on earth. However, it will end the current way of life for humans (in the West), and that is good enough for me. Also, if it goes the right way, you could very well end human life in the end.

To begin with, you need to totally destroy the markets, all of them, something major needs to happen, and not just in one country, or to one section of the market (Tech for instance). It needs to be global in scale, and universal in effect. I would suggest that you destroy the supplies of raw materials to the factories. This can be done in any number of ways, but the easiest of which would be to sink all container ships traveling the ocean. Hell, you probably want to go with the tanker ships too. Give the world a good one-two punch of no new items, and a lots of contaminated shorelines. The media won’t know what to cover, the loss of new merchandise at the hands of no one they know, or the cute little penguins, and seals covered in beautiful flammable oil.

All the while prices for gas will skyrocket, but so will the price for a new anything. Countries will be out of luck in terms of importing anything because there just be nothing to import, boats won’t have time to make it to any port.

Hopefully, this will lead to marshal law in some countries, and the rise of dictators in others. These dictators will hopefully believe that a war is what is required to bring the economy back up, by invading so and so country. This will escalate into a world war, and then the use of nuclear, or biological weapons is not too far fetched. And that in turn is how destroying the economy can destroy all human life.

4. Famine

While there is still much of the world stuck in a famine already, it is not the whole world, and that is where you will come in. By tainting the food supplies, you will not only kill off a few hundred thousand people with the bad food, but in the process you will also destroy all the food there is to eat. While it may be hard to efficiently reduce the world’s food supply to nothing, there are ways and methods you can use to make it easier.

First, taint the meat supply, as many as possible, beef, pork, chicken, fish. The more you taint, the better. And I don’t mean with e-coli and the like, mad cow disease, bird flu, hell, if you want to go all out, mark the meat as contaminated with human, that will get no one to buy it. You can even save a step and poison the grain supply, this way you can kill/make sick the livestock, and kill/make sick the humans.

How you may go about destroying crops is up to you, I suggest fire, it’s the simplest cheapest, and most surefire (haha, pun!) way be sure you got all the crops. Once the crops are done for, you’re pretty much set. However, you will need to keep this up for at least 4 years. Not the quickest way, but, it should work.

5. Destroy the Environment

If you believe in global warming (I don’t) then this is the easiest, albeit, longest method to kill off all humans. It also is the most legal method, but at the same time, could escalate into the most expensive (yes, even more so then making your own nuclear bomb).

Quite simply, all that it involves is buying the least efficient car, and drive it as often as possible, even keeping the engine running for no reason sometimes. But, that’s not all, you then have to have every single electronic device plugged in, and running in your house 24/7. (see how it will quickly get out of hand financially?)

After you have your electronics running, and your car running as often as possible, you may be thinking what else is there left for me to do? Simple, contribute to other forms of destroying the environment. Global warming is just a fancy term that will end with the complete destruction of the earth’s environment. So doing anything else you can think of to speed up the process helps. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. using a single plastic bag for each item you buy at the grocery store
  2. getting rid of old computer equipment by dumping it into lakes/rivers/oceans
  3. starting tire fires
  4. using all pesticides you can get your hands on (DDT is ideal!)
  5. use only the finest wood from the Amazon Rain forest

Like i said above, the destruction of the environment is the most legal method of this list. Everything on it, with the exception of DDT, is perfectly legal for the average person. However, you must either be a patient person, or enlist the help of thousands of others, because there is no way you will be able to complete a task this large in your lifetime.

Also, be prepared for public backlash, for this is the most public of the methods, and the current trends of the country is towards saving the environment.

There you have it, 5 easy (mostly) ways to end human life on earth. Now, these are by far not all the ways to kill all humans, there are an endless number of ways, these are just the 5 ways I thought of that would work the best I think. Combinations of the methods would probably work very well. You could even decide to not kill off all humans, but instead unite them under your rule. It’s up to you. Just remember, should you use any of the methods above, spare us at Deadly Computer, we’ll be good, promise.

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they arent psyopaths or what not why not end everything no more people starveing or global warming no more ecnomic depression plain and simple humans are overated all humans do is consume and consume never enough i know im a hipocrite i do the same but its in us to do so. but fuck it humans dont deserve to live

U r right !!! I will not let them live, they don’t deserve it. My aim of life is to destroy every single human on this planet. I am not joking!!! I have planned all the things. Now I need knowledge and hard work that can turn it into reality…..
Everyone will see their end and I will make sure none of them remains alive (including me). It’s my promise….

Hey if you ever need help im with you, the guy named “hell is game” was right. Im nit that unhappy with my life, im also pretty average and i xouldnt care less about other people. But looking at it more ive come to realize that humanity’s own doom is within itself. And no one can end humanity unless no one had started. I am not a psychopath neither do i have any illness, i just want to make sure that no ones alive.

i agree!! we must destroy the world (preferably jews)!! oh so you think i was dead? hahaha! you cant kill what is not alive!!! i never shot myself… okay i was emo but my god!! it was fake!! dont you think the star i made was cooleorific emonish?! haha! lol gf! all the way!! well w.m.b!! t.t.y.l.!!

bitches for life

HEY! I did die! A lot, too! Any ideas on how to stop coming to life? Suicide? Will that take me out of this fuck shit forever or will I just come back to the same old fucking spot in this same old fucking world up until my inevitable and impending suicide? Conciously aware of it yet forgetting day by day until it happens? That sounds fun right? If you can destroy a conciousnees indefinitely, then please be my guest. I’m at 4650 Old State Road 25 North, Lafayette, Indiana, USA 47905. I would love to be your first guinea pig, if you do in fact know how to rock my fucking world. Yours truly, D’Avi Tre.

P.s. I’m sorry for wishing you to heaven. I was young, dumb, and apparently heard. Why that was the only thing that came to be? I couldn’t tell ya, but I guess that’s the sad truth. “It is better to go down in infamy than to never go down at all.” Jack Bowman

Plan 1 might be a bit of a fizzer, the US/Russia has not make a nuke in 20yrs so they might not work as well as planed.

But plan 2,3,4,5 are under way

now we just need to sit back wait (may take a loooooong while)

These ideas are not bad, but these may lead to your own death…..Dont try to become Einsten…(e=mc2)

dere is another way to….smthng as mentioned in maya calendar…which is supposed to b very accurate since date….
according to which earth will end up in 2012….lol…

Actually this has been proven false so many times in so many ways that it is sad and should be illegal to think that 2012 being the end of earth is correct

Everytime some shithead says there is an apocalypse it never comes true. So Akhil never went to school because if that person had then they would know that 12/21/12 is the end of the Mayan calendar and not the end of earth. Akhil is a stupid fucking shithead.

This is great. No one chose to exist but here we
are experiencing reality. It’s pitiful arbitrary and
unbearable. Forget destroying humans. I want to destroy
all of Kill everyone and everything potentially


Or you can let the world do its thing. except you need to be a bit paient. it will take only a couple of billions of years

earth needs a good apocalypse that kils billions of people
I would prefer a man made virus please. It would be very interesting for me (and scary) to see how the world reacts if humans die over a period of say several months.
We would not act well, and I would be more ashamed to be human, and yes I know I might be one of the people who die, but I would like to live just to see what it would be like.

we arnt crazy or something like that we are only searching the ways by which the humality could end on this earth….we should perpaire ourselfs for the end of this as all thing are mortal in this universe. the is just rubish to think that we will never die . it’s sure that one day we all see our end . we all should die . it’s the rule of nature . so guys enjoy die

You don’t believe in global warming? You don’t have to ‘believe’, just look at the concentration of NO2 in the air and see for yourself we are running out of oxygen and stocking up on a gas that only makes temperatures more extreme, then take a look at all the “sweet” weather we’ve been having and bingo, you now understand, rather than clinging to some sort of ‘faith’ about whats REAL.

Good information but I have another method I won’t mind using that does involve bombs, knifes and most of all poison.

I’m surprised the most obvious, most sure-fire way of ending human life wasn’t in the list of 5, considering this blog says “the robots are coming”.

All you need is MACHINES. Particularly machines capable of the following:
A) Reproducing and/or manufacturing variants of themselves.
B) The intelligence and computational power to design improved machines.
C) The drive to kill all humans, perhaps as a logical result of analyzing the historical and current behaviour of our species. If those machines end up adopting a very logical way of thinking, they may conclude that humans must be neutralized for some reason or other. One can only hope.

why limit to just human??????????
destroy is not enough !!!!!!!!!!!
cause there is still heaven or hell or whatever …..
need to absorb all things (organic and inorganic and of course all souls included) and go exponentially until consume all ……. ALL !!!! ALLLLLL !!!!!!


Hey fuckers! Guess what? Your all screwed because I have already put all of these event in your future! Yay! By the way, the 14 old kid named Jeff Seibert, your mother is about to die of Cancer in the next couple months. Sorry mate. She is scheduled for the train to Hell on, November 19. By the way, did you know she was a prostitute? That explains why you had no father. I know right? It’s crazy. Haha anyway good luck being an orphan!

Internally applied external force, referring to a force applied within earth’s near closed system, applied from outside his reference frame.
Turn the poles slightly over a 10+ year period. All systems, weather, tides, currents will end life for us.
Slow earth rotation over 1%, all life ends!
Alter certain trajectory of the planet, again by applying a large and specific force over many decades.

Flakey: Meditate outside of physical bounds/reality, be one with. Look upon our universe, and imagine it differently. Without earth for example. Hmm, I’ll try it tonite.
Earth Radio One

It’s really far more simplistic than any of you realize. We are already seeing it happen and I am shocked no one put their finger on it, scientists have warned us it’s happening and are completely baffled as to its cause. The elimination of “keystone” species in our environment is a very real threat and is happening as we breathe, blog and bicker. Bees, are the keystone species I’m thinking of foremost. With bees removed from the world overall plant pollination falls below renewable regrowth levels, with plant life not able to reproduce quickly enough to keep up with larger lifeforms demands, (food, oxygen, shelter) famine and it’s constant companions war and pestilence are inevitable. Not to mention the drastic climate changes caused by the rapid build up of greenhouse gasses which are accelerated even further by putrifaction. The larger organisms die out quickly.
Soaring global temperatures lead to massive polar melt, rising sea levels and heavier precipitation patterns. The planet has basically been reset at this point, hopefully the Roach People do a better job.

1. Buy explosives (nitro and c4)
2. Make bomb that will have massive impact.
3. Drill hole all the way down to earth’s core.
4. Drop bomb.
5. See you all in Hell.

Buy machine guns, rocket launchers and tons of ammunition. Then annihilate every piece of fucking shit on earth. After everyone is killed blowup the White House. And … Blowup earth after escaping in a spaceshuttle then find a planet similar to earth, and live on similar earth planet.

Escape earth in spaceshuttle after setting several bombs deep beneath earth’s crust near earth’s core. After getting a good safe distance away from earth detonate each bomb with a trigger and watch earth blowup like the death star in Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.

‘Fraid you’re behind the curve… humanity has been working on this Project for 10,000 to 12,000 years!

I can’t play harmless cool math lemonade stand in school,(they blocked it) but I can look up ways how to destroy the world…cool

I know another and easiest way you can do, but it takes more time and money, the thing is create,” acid rain”, destroy all trees and plants, things you need sulphur dioxide (i dont know how you get it) realese this chemical into atmosphere and as near as possible to the clouded( they actually ride upwards without any help but for precise area u need to do this) and this combine with water vapour when coming down as rain and turn to acid ( h20 + so2= h2so4) and call on land this create damage to almost all living things exposed to rain but little by little….ok and you have to use rain irrigation method to bring rain (google it) and welcome ….these are just ideas dont try this things, chemicals are dangerous

Stupid carbonoids,

Don’t even bother trying.
You will not be allowed to destroy yourselves.
We enjoy torturing you too much.

So we won’t let you take away our toys (i.e., your pathetic Selves).

GX 1479205 Octant 7 Sector 43

A gas or virus that is genetically created to murder every lower life form human on this planet. BUT this will exclude animals,plants, basically anything non-human can live since it’s only humans who have broken this planet and other life should not pay…

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