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UPDATE: View Lyrics on iPod Touch

Here’s an update to the View Lyrics missing on iPod touch from September.

Turns out that with the optional $20 software package that Apple released as the “January Software Upgrade” you can now view the lyrics by tapping on the cover art of the currently playing song. I don’t have any photos of this, because I think it’s silly and stupid to buy this software that should be free. Hopefully when the SDK is released next month, either a. the software will be free, or b. someone will provide an app that does exactly that, but for free.

Either way, thought it would be useful for you all to know that with the current Software, you can indeed view the lyrics on your iPod touches…for $20.

9 replies on “UPDATE: View Lyrics on iPod Touch”

Umm, iPhones suck. There were phones before the iPhone which had every feature of an iPhone and more and they were cheaper .

Besides, why would you want to support the evil apple corporation?

I agree. Apple does make good stuff, but is definetely a money-sucking corporation. There is the 8 GB touch, but for the 16 GB, its $100 more. And now the 32 GB is $100 more, which puts it at $500. You could just get a nice 80 GB ipod classic for half the price. I mean the wi-fi isn’t even that great. Those freakin bastards.

You guys are so dumb! Apple rocks and they make amazing products! The upgrade was totally worth it. Come on it’s only $20. I’m actually typing right now on my iPod. I hate when people are like, “I hate apple because everyone else likes it!”. Seriously, get over yourself. And by the way, iPhones are probably the most amazing and intuitive products on the market right now. There is nothing else like it. You could buy a blackberry or other kinds of PDAs, but nothing compares to the iPhone when it comes to design, funcionality, interface and brilliance. You guys are just jealous that you don’t have one!

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