Battle of Candy Land


That is candy Castle, it is a towering fortress capable of withstanding a near endless amount of attack from the Gummy Soldiers.  However, the Gummy Soldiers have the advantage of being truly endless, and therefore, will win in the end.

The Gummy version of D-Day

It’s hard to tell which side the Star Wars AT-ATs are on, but needless to say, they are AT-ATs, and since they look to be made of Gummys, I’d classify them as Gummy heavy transports.

The Gummys weren’t able to make a Trojan Horse, so they just decided brute force was better.

Here we see the Gummy alterlity at work, very primitive compared to the AT-ATs seen above, but, whatever works works.

This is a wonderful work of candy art, and it must have took ages and ages to finish making, and setting them up, and resisting eating.


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  1. @Drew yea, i kinda figured it looked like something from LOTR, but, i don’t like LOTR, so, i decided to view it as Candy WWII, cause its more fun that way.

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