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The Road Runner’s Skeleton

Anyone who grew up before 1998ish, knows of the classic Looney Tunes Cartoons, and how you would watch forever hooping that Wile E. Coyote would finally catch The Road Runner, but alas, he never did.

Anyway, here are a series of skeleton’s of a bunch of famous cartoon characters, in action(ish)!

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Oldschool Playground Fun


They don’t make playgrounds the same way they used to.

I agree with what NLogan says, that above green, safety coated playground cannot hold a stick up to the crazy metal contraptions of yesteryear:

But now in the world of polotical correctness, and protection of our children from themselves, no one can have fun.  Gone is sand, “animals can poop in it”  Gone are swings “kids can fall off” Gone are tire swings, and other tire things “they collect water, mosquitoes could come”

The country is too protective of things.  Using Lysol to disinfect ever surface before your kid touches it.  Preventing kids from playing the games that were invented hundreds of years ago.  This is a problem, and it must be reversed as soon as possible.  For when it is, maybe then our country will grow up, and become the great country it was years ago…

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Outside the Box Business Cards

These Business Cards are really interesting, they’re “out of the box” thinking, that make the memorable, and in term, probably generate more business for their owners.  Lovely work.

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Stary Sky Quicktime Panaroama

This is a great QTVR-Pano / Sternenhimmel / starry sky the only thing I wish i knew was where on earth that was as I love astronomy.

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Battle Ass

That put a smile on my face

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Internet Madness

(another instance where you want to click that picture for full size)

But that is a very nice complimation of just about all the major internet fads of recent years.  The only two I don’t see are All Your Base, and Chocolate Rain.  Hopefully, they didn’t forget about All Your Base, that’s the first, original, and classic

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Tetris, will it help destroy us?

Ahh Tetris, it is my all time favorite video game ever. I make regular posts about it, but little did I know just how much it is going into helping with the creation of AI.

Tetris A.I. has actually been in development for quite some time now, 5 years and counting, and yes, it has been evolving.  The findings show that a computer can play Tetris better then a human can.  This is frightening.  For Tetris is the most simple of games, and easy for humans to master (I am awesome at Tetris), But teaching robots to play Tetris, that is taking it too far, for once they master that (which they have), then it’s a simple step onto mastering other games, and, then making games, and then, how long before they make the perfect game, The Matrix?

Not long at all, we must stop this research NOW! The sooner we end research into A.I. the longer we as a species will be able to live (provided no one goes crazy)

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Lazy Lawm Mower

I’m scared by the laziness of this person, but at the same time amazed by his ingenuity.


How to End Human Life on Earth

Ok, everyone at some points wants to just kill everyone on the planet at least once in their life. Lately, I’ve been thinking of that, and ways to fulfill it. I’m not a crazy psychopath who wants to kill everyone or anything, I’ve just been thinking, “what would it take?” Well, here is what I think the easiest ways are.

Just a few things to note;

  • every one of these methods below are illegal in one sense or another
    • but since you’re gonna kill all human life, what does going to jail for a few days mean to you?
  • none of these are “guaranteed” to kill 100% of all human life
  • Deadly Computer does not encourage, endorse, or participate in any of the ideas below
    • if you do decide to try one of these methods out, Deadly Computer cannot be held responsible for anything that may happen to you, or the rest of the world

now, if you agree to the above items, feel free to click the link:

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Microwave Site v 4.2

The Microwave Site version 4.2 is now live. Version, the last major update 4 was made live around October, and I never mentioned it because there were some behind the scenes updates I wanted to do. Now they are done, and version 4.2 is live. Personally, I think it’s the best version I have made.

You can view all the videos on the Microwave Science Video Page, and thanks to YouTube, embed them in your own site.

Isn’t that great?! Anyway, I think you all will have a good time with this site