The End of the Earth


Ah, New Year’s, time for end of the earth History channel specials!!  How it’s so fun to watch people get paranoid about things that will never happen.  Not much has changed in the last 2 years, same old things the “scientists” are claiming will kill us. Now that was a neat little video, how about … Continued

Water Glass Music


This guy is really good. That much is certain. I can’t help but think of Miss Congeniality when i watch it though, cause that’s what she did. Also, have you ever tried to do that, it’s not as easy as it looks.

The Princess Bride with Lightsabers


The lightsaber effects distract alittle from the actual fight, making it seem less cool, but overall, it’s a nicely done video.

Useless Machines


Rube Goldberg machines are useless.  Period.  They make a simple task infintely harder and l0nger to do.  That being said, they are awesome to watch. Except for this one though, it’s possibly the most boring one I’ve ever seen.  Mostly because it wasn’t perfect, and there were alot of things that didn’t work.  But also … Continued

The Airplane Desk


This desk is long enough, it’s just not wide enough for my liking.  I like my desk wide, like 3 feet or more.  You can never have enough desk space, and a 21inch monitor looks better 19 inches away from your face as opposed to 7. Anyway, I like airplanes, and this would be my … Continued

Current stats for The Robot Army


Look at those stats.  Lucky for me I live in America, we’re at the low, low end of that chart which is good because it means we have longer to live.  Obviously Japan will be the first to succumb to the robot overlords, but it’s ok, as far as we know, the robots still can’t … Continued

Paracord – The bracelet that can save you


Sticking with the bracelet theme from the other day, comes the Paracord Survival Bracelet.  It can unwind up to 15 – 20 feet of 550lb paracord.  If you ever get in a situation where you need it, unraval your bracelet and you’re good to go. What’s even better is that if you ever do use … Continued

Tetris in a non Screen format!


My favorite video game of all time has been remade in a custom made piece of jewelry on sisicata’s Esty store.  I’m not much of a jewelry person, I don’t even wear a watch (because i break them alot), but I would wear this on special occasions for sure.  Special occasions like my wedding probably, … Continued

Excellent idea to hold stuff


These socket-deer antler holders are the most ingenious idea ever.  You plug your phone charger into the wall, and then put your phone on the antlers and let it sit there and charge.  Much better then letting it dangle on the floor! The only complaint I have is that the plates should be in the … Continued

Listen to these Speeches

1 has put together a great 2 minute video compiled of 40 inspirational speeches from movies spanning decades.  The cuts work very well, and are really pretty well done.  The music is perfect, and it has some good movies in it: Full transcript of the speech after the click: