Great Ad


This is a very good ad, provided people read it.

Global Data on Globe Maps


The World of 1949 WORLDPROCESSOR has a huge collection of graphs of all sorts of information all superimposed on pictures of the Globe.  There really is a wealth of information there, all at a glance.  Definitely worth the read The world of the 17th century The ratio of internet TLDs to number of uses (bigger … Continued

Server Issues


As you may have noticed, our server has been craping out on us lately.  We are aware of the problem, and are trying to fix it.  We have a (realiteavly) new computer we are in the process of turning into a server, unfortunately, it is taking some time.  Also, I wont be home from school … Continued

Your Ticket To Heaven


Reserve A Spot In Heaven has got to be the best “fake” website I have seen in a long time. Reserve A Spot In Heaven is here for the sole purpose of allowing you the opportunity to secure your spot in Heaven before it’s too late. Yes, at the moment there is plenty of room … Continued

Triforce Tree


Yes, that is a triforce on top of that tree. {MAKE}

LEGO Brick Art


There are some great works of art made of LEGOs floating around the world.  Here are a bunch made by one LEGO Brick Master.  My favorites are the tree above, and the two below this text.  The flowers, though small, are a nice touch.

Tables, Aquarium style


Here are some nice tables, I don’t know if I like them more then my LED table, but they are pretty interesting nonetheless.  Only question is how do you feed the fish?

Movies the Can Tramatize Kids


This is a good list, and just that, good, I wouldn’t have posted it if it were not for this section on the Cars: They could have delved into the logistical workings of a car society. What is the geopolitical landscape of the car world? Are there car wars? We assume that there are military … Continued

Pearl Harbor Day


66 years ago today, The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  Remember that infamous day.

Ding Fries Are Done!


I know I posted about this last year, but, that link has since gone dead. So, here is a new, undead one. Also, here are the lyrics: nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah da da da da, da da da da da da da da, da da da da da da da da, … Continued