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Movies the Can Tramatize Kids

This is a good list, and just that, good, I wouldn’t have posted it if it were not for this section on the Cars:

They could have delved into the logistical workings of a car society. What is the geopolitical landscape of the car world? Are there car wars? We assume that there are military vehicles, too. Are they in a constant state of combat? Does the Orwellian car government manufacture conflicts to give the tanks a sense of purpose? What is the history of car warfare? In the car World War II, was Daimler the Allied forces? Were Fords and Volkswagens the Nazis? What about current events in the car Middle East? Are there car “car bombs?” What are the dynamics of the car caste system? Do rich and powerful Mercedes control the government? Are disenfranchised cars left in disaster areas to fend for themselves because George “BMW” Bush doesn’t care about cars with spinning rims?

That is a wounder full writeup about Cars, the rest of the article can be forgotten, that article revives it.

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