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I like most people use eBay from time to time when I’m searching for something bizarre or something I just want for dirt cheap, and of course I almost always find it on eBay! Which obviously is a good thing.  When I buy something on eBay I immediately pay for the item! I know it’s a novel idea but what can I say.  Why on Earth would you buy something on eBay and then wait some random amount of time to pay is completely beyond me.  But anyways that’s not my main problem with eBay.

My main problem is I always seem to get into a feedback tango with the seller, no one ever wants to be the first person to leave feedback.   If you are the seller you should leave me feedback IMMEDIATELY after I pay you, no if ands or buts.  I bought you item, and then paid you (in my case immediately) there is nothing else you need to know about me, my job as a buyer is now complete.  I for filled my end of the agreement to the letter, why would you not give me feedback? Oh you’re afraid I will leave you bad feedback? Well if you did your job, posted and accurate description of the item and mail it out in a timely fashion then you have nothing to worry about.  If you however were dishonest in anyway then you DESERVE negative feedback!  So suck it up and deal with it or be honest next time!  As a buyer you should also leave feedback in a timely fashion, as soon as you get your package open it and make sure the item matches the description on the page, if so leave feedback! If the item does not match take a picture, and contact the seller showing him/her your picture and explain your concerns, no one wants negative feedback so I’m sure they will work with you.  There is no reason to wait any more than a day or two before you leave feedback!  And if you happen to break the item due to your ignorance (you used it wrong, you don’t know how to use it, you don’t know what the hell your doing, your dropped it, etc) that does not mean it’s the sellers fault suck it up and acknowledge your mistake! Don’t leave them negative feedback because you are a moron.

This seems like such an easy concept to me yet very many people seem to get it wrong!  Seller leaves feedback as soon as you’re paid; buyer leave feedback as soon as you get your item.  It’s a real simple process that works great when everyone cooperates.  

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