Everything’s good!

Ok, well, everything is up to speed on the new server now, everything works, (yes, Awstats too), so yay.

As for updates to the blog, I’ll get to that hopefully starting on Monday, but no promises, these next few days will be hectic for me.  Come Tuesday though, I should be back in it again.

thats it for now,


Awstats help

So, the new server is all set up and working perfectly fine…except Awstats.

I am having a horrible, horrible time trying to get Awstats to work at all on this new server, and since we cant remember how we did it last time, and a few things have changed in the setup of apache, and the rest of the server, we cant just copy what we had before.

Anyone who would be able to help me get Awstats working would be a lifesaver, and loved forever and ever, send an email to:




Another Postcard…

Ever since I head that song by Barenaked Ladies, I was like, “this would be a great idea, i must do it!”  Alas, someone has decided to do it for themselves!

Someone on eBay is going on vacation, and will send 3 postcards filled with personal information to the person of your choosing (you provide the info) just to torture them!

It’s great i say!  Bidding has ended at $415, and, wow, that’s alot for what’s basically, a $1, and 5 mins of time on his part, but endless hours of fun on yours!

Yay! New server working 99%

Yay! The new server is working 99%. All that’s left now is to get stats working. But thats all behind the scenes stuff that for me and mike, and stuff.

Good news, I got all the permalinks fixed for the blog, so that’s good.

However, in the process of fixing the blog, any comments made in the last 48 hours were lost…sorry.

also, i need to get a few plugins working again too…

Why is Dubai is the best place in the world?

The City of Arabia, located in Dubai houses the second best amusement park known to man, and the best non-fictional amusement park:

Restless Planet offers the world’s ultimate theme ride back into the mists of time – through the state-of-the-art electronics of today. Here, in the glittering new City of Arabia, you are transported back millions of years into the prehistoric kingdom of the dinosaurs.

That’s right Jurassic Park is gonna be happening, but with robots, and not clones.  Just as i wrote that line i realized what a horrible mistake this is going to turn out to be.

Once the Robot Dinosaurs become self aware (a fact that will happen eventually) it will be slim pickings for them to hunt down and kill the human “tourists” and residents of the City of Arabia.  And so help them if they create a Robot Raptor.

As XKCD shows us, Raptors are dangerous.  And as we all know from Terminator, self aware robots are dangerous, now combine the two, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Please Dubai, i take back my initial praise, DO NOT MAKE THIS PARK.  As cool, and interesting as it sounds, I do not wish to be fighting self aware robot raptors as well as regular terminators.


Die Hard…in 4 lines

I consider Die Hard the single greatest movie ever made in the history of the world.  Period. End. Of. Sentence.  There can be no better movie.

That being said, here is Die Hard in 4 lines basically:

Alan Rickman
Har har har.
Bruce Willis
Grunt sigh moan grunt holler yell sigh wince groan cringe grunt.
(A chair BLOWS UP. Then the elevator BLOWS UP. Then a room BLOWS UP. Then the building BLOWS UP. Then the entire universe BLOWS UP. But the badguy STILL ISN’T DEAD YET. Then the badguy dies.)