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The Best Door Ever

That door is awesome. Period. End of sentence, awesome. Completely custom made by this guy, it’s two peices of glass etched with the sword on one, and the dragon on the other, then 120 LEDs on the edges sending the light through the glass.

It is a work of art that I really, really, really want to put in my house. Only I’d make my own design. Either way, it’s awesome, and I love it.

EDIT: hello stumblers and people from reddit.

note to stumblers (and everyone), there is clearly a link to the original at the top of the article, and this falls under the “a stumble” category as is…

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sorry, about the confusion over second, paul is second, and paul, the door is “kickass” as dudette said, and that’s reason enough for it to exist i think.

uhh its really not that sick… really its just a nerdy d&d type illustration cheesily lit up on a piece of glass. in fact i wouldn’t even get head from that door its so nerdy and ive got low standards.. maybe a hj or heavy petting

it looks cool at first then, it starts to look cheesy. looks like it was built with an old lite-brite game for kids. i think i would unplug it and call 911

love the door..great idea. i would love to see more. can you do special orders?.maybe etched with a stained glass look?. and when?…would size be a problem. when and where can i order one or more.send email.


this idea is by no way ours, all credit goes to Smilodon from the second line in the post. I’d contact him first, but otherwise, read on:

However, we love the idea and are in the process of making our own door.

But we need to replenish our money supply, as much of it was spent on The LED Table we just finished making.

When our door is finished, trust me, we will post photos of it. If the process is not so hard, we may be able to make others for other people.

Send an email to: and we’ll get back to you probably around mid-late January 2008.

Thanks for all your interest.

there needs to be a filter such that if no comments exist and your comment reads “first” or “1st” or “f1rst” or some derivative, it immediately fucktards your account away.

Writing from Ukraine.
That was really awesome!
I wonder what device was used to make such a difficult work? was that kind of portable laser engraver?

I don’t get why everybody’s complaining about this door. He did something that nobody thought of doing and did a great job. And I have no idea how you can get a head from freakin door…

Everyone who dislikes the door is a complete tool. This door kicks ass and the image is awesome.
What does your door look like? wood? that’s what I thought.

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